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A fanfiction writer in many fandoms, writing what the wind takes her to write, meticulous story-planner.

While I'm only new here, I have many fanfic stories in the plans, from many different fandoms! Most of them have not been published, and some are still only in the plotting stages or are waiting for me to have time for them, so stay tuned for more!

*Looking for beta readers, PLEASE HELP!*

About me: reader, writer, wildlife biologist, lover of the outdoors, musician, fountain pen enthusiast, walking encyclopedia. I have a thing for animals, especially birds and felines. As a scientist, it's an effort to keep my writing from getting too technical or sounding too much like a scientific paper. I love science! I love fantasy! Put those together and you have science fiction, which is also awesome.

December 2020 UPDATE: My next semester begins in a few weeks. Until then, I will hopefully be able to write a little between/after the holidays.

Also, hopefully my next semester won't be nearly as hectic as it was last time. I HAVE CAUGHT UP WITH ALL PRE-WRITTEN CHAPTERS OF ASHFALL. This means chapters will start going up as I write them, instead of simply being copied-and-pasted out of my manuscript one after the other. Expect a slowdown of chapter updates, with two or three weeks between posts.

Sorry, folks. It's a shame that things have to progress so slowly.

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