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Hello! My name is Logan Perdue!

I write stories in my free time and make characters for SYOC's! Message me for anything, my messages are open!

Some Basic Information about your Writer!

Name: Logan Perdue!

Age: 18...Soon to be 19!

Pronouns: She/her

Country: America! (I'm not proud of it)

Occupation: Child Care Worker!

Favorite Color: Blue, any blue, or purple. I love purple too.

Favorite Food: Ice Cream! (cookie dough preferably) I'm also lactose intolerant

Favorite Animal: Cats


Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate

Secret: Why would I put that here?

Best Friend: My cat, Clay.

Fears: Clowns, god I hate clowns.

Worst Enemy: I don't... I don't have an enemy? Not yet at least..

Motivation: Sometimes it comes, sometimes I'm dead. Depends on how my mind is that day. I'm working hard, though!

Favorite Quote: "I either give too many fucks or no fucks at all, it's like I can't find a middle ground for moderate fuck distribution."


How to Reach me:

Message me anytime!

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The Disgrace

The Schreave family line has been the most powerful people for centuries. In a world with magic, that is hard to keep up. So when King Diaboli was expecting a son, he wanted a powerful one. However, wishes do not always come true.


The Queen: Vitalite (Vita) Imorsa Schreave. Able to see people’s greatest desires and wishes. She is a stubborn women who loves wine and riches. To the public she is seemed as ditsy and carefree, but once you get to know her she can be frightening and stern. Her color is green. She is 54 years old.

The King: Diaboli Socurn Schreave. Can pull objects and even people towards him when desired. He is a cruel father, but on the outside is seen as a good king. Most do not know what he is truly like. He is secretive and manipulative, and will go to any length to make sure the public appearance of the royals is nothing but perfect. His color is Gray. He is 56 years old.

The Heir: Rune Imorsa Schreave. Able to see possible glimpses into the future. She is the most like her father. She’s seen as the perfect heir. However, she is cold and cruel towards her siblings. She only seems to be nice to her Fiance purely because she needs to be married to become Queen. Her color is Red. She is 29 years old.

The Disgrace: Sythe Quesron Schreave. Does not have any abilities. He has been put down by everyone in his life so much that he does not believe anyone has the capacity to love him. When his father expects him to have a Selection of his own, he doesn’t know how he will find love. His color is Blue. He is 26 years old.

The Golden Child: Conji Orinall Schreave. He can turn things into Gold. He’s very obedient and loyal to his father. He doesn’t speak much and prefers to be in the background. However he doesn’t like his mother. She often calls on him to turn simple things into gold, just for her. His color is Gold. He is 21 years old

The Youngest: Etheri Cortinea Schreave. Able to see people’s auras and sees the world in vivid colors. Her eyesight is better than most. She’s a women of many dreams and desires, and isn’t hesitant to reach out and get them. Her color is Rose. She is 18 years old.

The Fiance: August Mernin Schreave. Was the winner of Rune’s Selection. He has the ability soothe somebody with his words. The whole Schreave family doesn’t know much about August but they do know he is kind towards Rune. His Color is purple. He is 30 years old.

The Bodyguard: Allure Hullinston Marcus. She has quick reflexes and movement. She works beside Sythe since he was a toddler, and basically raised him. She seems to be the only one to care for him. Her Color is orange. She is 32 years old.

The Host: Vallant Turnamell Ryvrn. He has gotten high up in the royal court enough to be the Selections advisor and mentor. He has worked hard to be there and will keep working harder. His color is Yellow. He is 28 years old.


General Info ~



Age (21 - 29):







Aura (two colors):

Appearance ~

Face Claim (if any):

Hair Color:

Eye Color



Clothing Style:

Any scars, piercings or tattoos?:

Personality ~

Basic Description of personality:



Greatest Wish:





Greatest Fear:


Backstory ~

Basic Description of Backstory:




Romantic Interests (if any):

Opinion/Treatment ~

Opinion/Treatment of the Royals:

Opinion/Treatment of people without abilities:

Opinion/Treatment of Staff:

Opinion/Treatment of other Selected:

Extras ~

Favorite Food:

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Color (Not their aura):

Favorite Animal:

Mercy or Justice:


Anything I missed:

State of Illea:

The State of Illea is rough. Everyone below Caste 4 are mostly starving and jobless. It’s super hard to get a job and there are Riots everywhere.

Caste system: The Caste system has changed slightly. Now it’s quite easy to move up - only if you have an amazing power though. If you are a Five and you don’t have an amazing power, you are stuck being a Five. The Jobs are the same, though.

Provinces: Each province is pretty diverse, except Angeles which is mainly full of Twos and people with amazing powers. Only 5 percent of the population of Angeles is anything below a Three.

Riots: There are a bunch of Riots because the lower Castes don’t get enough supplies or jobs. Many in the Lower caste system blames the Monarcy/Royalty for this. There have been some rebellions but they have all been stomped as soon as they started.


Waverly: Persephone Albright, Age: 21, Caste: 2, Ability: Human Charger. Submitted by: CoolFortheSummer

Allens: Summer Hastings, Age: 26, Caste: 3, Ability: None. Submitted by: CalvinHobbesGatsby

Sonage: Kiara Aston, Age: 21, Caste: 2, Ability: Appearance Shifter. Submitted by: MeepsterMcMeep

Angeles: Avalon Zicherman, Age: 23, Caste: 2, Ability: Light Refract. Submitted by Me.

Tammins: Scarlett Morun, Age: 22, Caste: 5, Ability: Metal Control. Submitted by Me.

Columbia: Reserved

Midston: Reserved

Whites: Reserved


No Boys Allowed


Princess Kyin, Heir to the Schreave throne, is fed up with men trying to dictate her life. From her overbearing and unsupportive father, her annoying younger brother, and her mentor and advisor. Being the only woman in the family is difficult, but Kyin can stand up for herself. Her father proposed a Selection to her one day. Her only request; No boys allowed.

Important Characters:

Princess Kyin Marie-Annabella Schreave - Twenty-Two, Caste 1, A headstrong, stubborn and sarcastic girl whose hobbies include Sword fighting, Archery, Running and History. She will not take any crap from anyone, and strives for the best in herself and other people. She hates dresses, and rather wear a suit. She’s kind hearted and doesn’t agree with the way her father runs the kingdom, but soon that’ll change when she becomes Queen. Face Claim: Maia Cotton

Prince Kyon Alexander Schreave - Twenty, Caste 1, A sassy, flirty, and fun guy who’s hobbies include annoying his older sister, going to parties, getting drunk and being misogynistic. He believes he’s the true heir to the throne, and feels quite jealous his father prefers Kyin over him. He hates History, School, Learning and anything to do with using his brain. Face Claim: Aaron Bernard

King Alexander “Al” Yyon Schreave - Fifty-Seven, Caste 1, A traditional, stone-faced, leader whos hobbies include politics, reading, and ignoring his children. After his wife’s passing, he’s been harder than ever. Most people in the Kingdom see him as a dictator, not a leader. However, in his personal life, he’s more of a romantic, but he would never tell anyone that. Face Claim: Numan Acar

Gene Rylen Lyonrel - Forty-Two, Caste 2, Mentor and Selection Advisor. Good at sword fighting, and probably the only man Kyin can tolerate. Face Claim: Gavin Stenhouse

??? - Age Unknown, Caste Unknown, Background Unknown.

Form for Character:


Names (Full name at birth AND name given to them):



Gender (All Female Selection):


Age: (18 - 25):


Face Claim:

General Appearance (anything different from face claim?):

Clothing style (Color, Fabric, Type, etc):

Height (in feet, preferably):

Weight (in pounds, preferably):

Scars, Piercings, Tattoos?:


General Description (feel free to get into detail about this):









Backstory (optional):






Opinion/Treatment of Princess Kyin:

Opinion/Treatment of Prince Kyon:

Opinion/Treatment of King Al:

Opinion/Treatment of Gene:

Opinion/Treatment of other Selected:

Opinion/Treatment of Staff:

Extras (optional):

Favorite Food:

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Color:

Cats or Dogs:

Left or Right:

Mercy or Justice:


Anything else I missed:

By signing your name after this, you agree that you are giving me your character and that I may do whatever I want with them, whether that be serious injury or even death:


Yukon: Reserved

Baffon: Reserved

Angeles: Reserved


Les murs en vous


Run down and broken after the third world war, the Mystopian Government (The government made when the union finally stood down and surrendered the war) started projects to build soldiers from children. Project Illea is one of those projects. 15 young children between the ages of 13 and 19 fight for their lives inside walls that always change, and Monsters hungry for their flesh. The children call the monsters “Craindre”. The children only have one name they identify with. Their past is completely erased from their memory. All they know is war. All they know is survival.

Characters (In order of age):

Griffin, 19. A leader who likes to use his brawn instead of his brain. He excels when it comes to strength, but what he lacks is emotional connection. He's the less popular leader due to his anger and his behavior, but he's still a good leader. He'll need to learn how to get along with others if he wants to succeed.

Simon, 19. A medical assistant who spends hours pouring into readings and books. He prefers to stick to himself and doesn't like any fame/popularity with the younger kids. He needs to keep everything clean. He has a secret that he doesn't want to share. He's intelligent, reserved and insecure. He is the oldest among the campers.

Beth, 19, She is a shy, soft-spoken, and caring woman. As a hopeless romantic, her dream would be to escape the maze and find love, however the chances of that are slim. She enjoys working as a chef and helping the camp around her.

Lou, 18. A leader who is strong and short. Her "family" is the camp, and she'll do anything to protect them. With a heart of gold, she's there for anyone in the camp. She would risk her life to save her "family". She was a hunter before she became a leader, and she's very skilled at fighting. Her knife throwing skills are impeccable.

Percy, 18. Headstrong and very tough, Percy wants to fight and win. He's not afraid of taking people down who seem weaker than him. He prefers to be alone, and wouldn't hesitate to leave others behind if it means saving his own skin.

Quint, 18, He is a very reserved but kind person. He's smart but also insecure and always wonders what others think of him. He gets anxious and nervous easily and his stomach gets upset if he feels uncomfortable in a situation. He's known in the camp for being weak, but he's anything but.

Aidan, 17, He is a very stubborn and hot-headed person. He wants the best for himself, not caring about most people in the camp. He's known for being rude to the other camp members, but that doesn't mean he hates them. He tolerates his job, and hopefully one day he'll express his emotions without anger.

Shep, 17. A hunter who is confident and brave. He likes to keep morale up around camp and on the field, and wants everyone else to feel just as happy and self-assured as he usually does. He is most likely one of the hardest workers around camp. He loves his role in the camp, and he wouldn't change it for anything. He's good with close combat and dual wielding.

Eve, 17. A hunter who tries her best to put others before herself. She tries to be open and honest, but she is more reserved than talkative. She listens to her heart rather than her mind, which could get her in some trouble in the future. She uses a long and thick whip as her weapon of choice.

Slyiven, 16. A hunter who goes out of the walls once every week along with his group of three other children. He’s smart, decisive and rational, leaving no room for errors or mistakes. Nightmares plague his mind constantly, the image of the horrifying monsters ingrained into his brain forever. He’s an excellent fighter with a bow and arrow, in fact he is the best, yet his sword skills are not the best. Inside of the walls, he’s mostly calm and quiet. Always observing his surroundings in case there is an attack.

Corine, 16. She just wants to be left alone sometimes, and just left to read. She's quite brilliant and super analytical. She's a good researcher, and she's able to do well by herself, but she doesn't really work with others.

Ash, 16, She is very loud, dramatic and flamboyant! Extroverted and witty, her intellectual skills are through the roof! She might act a little childish for her age, and she might poke fun at the other camp members, but she absolutely means well, right?

Pink, 16, They are a very open and honest individual. They are intelligent and they pay great attention to detail in the camp. They don't like physical activities and much rather spend time reading or being around their friends.

Zara, 15. She works hard and loves her job. She's extroverted and always tries to look on the positive side of things. It's easy for her to get caught up in her work but she loves the younger children. She really enjoys the farm, and she doesn't mind the work. Anything to help the camp, she'll do her best.

Diana, 15, She is not well liked within the camp due to her behavior. She is known for being crazy and irrational, no one wants to get close to her. Before she was known for being crazy, she was good at fighting and was even a warrior, but due to reasons inside the maze, there is no more hope for her that she will be sane ever again.

Melvin, 14. He has been uneasy about the camp the moment he entered. While generally nice and polite to his fellow camp members, he likes and cares for them more out of survival necessity than anything else. At his happiest is when everyone is alive and well and they are all back together and entertaining themselves.

Others to be decided.

Other Characters to be introduced:

Addy: 17. Face Claim: Danielle Campbell. Submitted by: obsessive-reader123

Extra Info:

The Characters have known each other for a year at this point in the story.

There will be friendships and relationships in this story (only if you want them to have friends or a relationship)



Lou, Female, Age 18, Leader. Face Claim: Aiyana Lewis. Submitted by: Abizeau

Griffin, Male, Age 19, Leader. Face Claim: Dylan Sprouse. Submitted by: Abizeau

Medical Assistant:

Simon, Male, Age 19, Medical Assistant. Face Claim: Mario Lopez. Submitted by: meepster202


Slyiven, Male, Age 16, Weapon: Bow and Arrows. Face Claim: Kawika Haopili.

Shep, Male, Age 17, Weapon: Dual Blades. Face Claim: Rowoon. Submitted by: vanillard

Diana, Female, Age 15. Weapon: Staff. Face Claim: Annalise Basso. Submitted by: CowofKnowledge

Percy, Male, Age 18. Weapon: Kusarigama. Face Claim: Yamazaki Kento. Submitted by: vanillard

Eve, Female, Age 17. Weapon: Whip. Face Claim: Kristina Romanova. Submitted by: MarieWishGirl


Beth, Female, Age 19, Chef. Face Claim: Emily Kinney. Submitted by: CalvinHobbesGatsby

Weapons Smith:

Aidan, Male, Age 17, Weapons Smith. Face Claim: Eiji Fukui. Submitted by: Selestea


Zara, Female, Age 15, Farmer. Face Claim: Skyler Samuels.


Corine, Female, Age 16, Researcher. Face Claim: Mackenzie Foy. Submitted by: Selestea

Quint, Male, Age 18, Researcher. Face Claim: Mathieu Simoneau.

Map Maker:

Ash, Female, Age 16, Map Maker. Face Claim: Sophia Lillis. Submitted by: vanillard


Melvin, Male, Age 14, Lookout. Face Claim: Jacob Tremblay. Submitted by: Pixargirl


Pink, Non-Binary, 16, Journalist. Face Claim: Ian Alexander. Submitted by: CalvinHobbesGatsby

Description of Roles:

Leader(s): Help the camp run smoothly and efficiently. They are the older children, making sure the younger ones are protected. They work together to make decisions, whether or not they agree with the other person.

Medical Assistant: Incase anyone gets hurt, they go to the Medical Assistant. They make sure people do not die, and they are really important when the hunters come back from their expeditions.

Hunter(s): Skilled warriors that go into the maze to map out that day's route, then they bring their findings back to the map makers. They have to be sneaky and quiet to not wake the Craindre, since the Craindre like to sleep during the day. Each of the warriors has a special weapon they use.

Chef: Prepares food for the rest of the camp, making sure people are well fed. They also have to make sure their food supply doesn’t run out. It is their duty to feed and provide comfort to the camp.

Weapons Smith: Makes and designs the weapons the Hunters use. Skilled in many areas of weapon making and forging. They have to make sure the weapons won’t break apart during battle, and insure the safety of others by protection.

Famer: Like the chef, the Farmer makes sure the food supply does not run out. There are not many animals in the camp, other than one cow, which they use for milk. The Farmer is in charge of making sure the food can be used and that they never run out unless they want to starve.

Researcher(s): The Researchers have to be very smart, taking information given to them by everyone and compiling them into information they could use to get out of the Maze. They cannot overlook a single detail, unless they want to miss valuable information.

Map Maker: Based on the knowledge the hunters bring back, the Map maker collects the information and draws a detailed sketch of the maze that week. They need to be good listeners and observers, in case they want to find patterns in the maze. So far, however, patterns have not been found.

Lookout: During the missions, the Lookout will be at the highest point in the camp: The Lookout tower. There, they will make sure the Hunters are okay, communicating with them and protecting them at all costs.

Journalist: They compile all of the information given by everyone into a journal, going through day by day. This is to make sure they record all of their information and findings to everyone. They have to be detailed and decisive, knowing which information to add and which information should be left out.

The Craindre:

The maze is full of sleeping Craindre during the morning. They are nocturnal creatures. There are many different species within the maze.

The Limace: This species is slow and sluggish. They have incredible strength, however. They are able to crush muscle and bone with their jaw. They resemble bullfrogs with horns and a tail. They are 7ft high and 6 ft long.

The Brouillard: This species is more flexible and fast. They have enhanced reflexes and claws that can tear through skin. However, they are blind. They resemble a lizard. They are 5ft high and 12 feet long.

The Sourire: This species is sparse, but for what they lack in size they make up in knowledge. They are extremely smart, much smarter than their counterparts. They can climb walls and jump onto a person to kill them. Before they attack, you would hear a clicking sound, letting you know your days are gone. They resemble a Lion. They are 3 ft high and 6 ft long.

The Camp:

There are buildings made by the children in the camp.

The tallest one is the Lookout Tower, going above the wall just to see the Hunters when they are on missions.

The Main Hall has the dining room and living area, where the children spend their free time in.

The Blacksmith is where all the armor, weapons and devices are being held when they are not in use. It is also where the Weapons Smith works on new projects and ideas.

The Farm is where the crops grow, and the cow named Lilly lives. There is a small barn.

The Sleeping Quarters are the children's rooms when they need rest. Each room is small but can hold two people in the rooms.

The Forest is an overgrown part of the camp where most do not go. Thorns and other dangerous plants grow there.

The Board Room is where discussions are held, mostly votes by the camp members for decisions they need to make. It is also where important information is held, locked in chests.

The Gate is a giant metal door that needs two people to open it. This is only opened when missions are being held, and only Hunters are allowed outside of the gate.

The Bunker is under the Main hall, and can hold up to 20 people.

Website (remove spaces): https : / / lesmursenvous . weebly . com /


Life of Value and Worth


200 years ago the Schreave bloodline was infected. The Queen was deathly ill, and the King would not stop to find a cure. He searched far and wide for a cure, but they were losing hope as every day went by. As if by magic, the Queen claimed an angel came down and gave her a gift, one to give people unimaginable powers. The angel also gave her health back. The kingdom celebrated in joy, everyone from around Illea soon took the journey to the Queen, begging her for any power. Being the generous Queen she was, she gave out any power she could, ultimately until she died. That’s how the story goes, that’s how every child in Illea is taught. 200 years later, Illea is separated by power, those which are considered to have ‘valuable’ powers are at the top, along with the royalty that gave the power away. Those with weaker, lesser powers are considered worthless and live in poverty. Those that don’t show powers at all are ridiculed and mocked. Life is just as separated as ever. Traditions are now older, the Selections mostly for power. Marriage is not for love anymore, it is for life. Survival. Everyone works to survive. Love is a foreign word, and neither of the new royalty, Prince Kenji and Princess Seishi - the two royal twins - are prepared for what’s about to come.


King Benjamin Zachary Schreave - Age: 55, A strict and ruthless father, a more stubborn and unjust king. Cold and manipulative, and will do anything to keep balance in his kingdom of Power and Poor. Power: Manipulates his face structure and body frame to copy-cat any person, but he must have met the person in the first place to transform. Face Claim: Ben Mendelsohn

Queen Sakaye Suzuki Schreave (Dee Rovena) - Age: 51, A wise and cunning mother, but just as cold hearted as her husband. She is known to the public to be quite reserved and poise, but behind the scenes she is a viper. She has a quick temper and is very demanding of her children. Power: Can read anyone’s thoughts and memories, yet they have to speak to her first before she can find their thoughts. Face Claim: Joan Chen.

Princess Seshi Arvenio Schreave - Age: 20, Intelligent and strong, very strong willed and determined. She’s the eldest by 4 minutes. To the public she is quiet and obedient, and would seem weak and insignificant. However, she is extremely persistent and strong, often beating her brother in every match they have. She is supposed to be lady-like by her mothers standards, but she just rather be a strong, smart woman. Power: She can manipulate the air and wind to suit her needs.

Prince Kenji Elcorine Schreave - Age: 20, Kind and Charismatic, he tries his best to see the other perspectives and to try to see the beauty in everything. He likes to learn and read, often doing better in classes than his sister, but she still always manages to beat him. A little clumsy and quite witty, he’s known to the public to always be smiling. Yet, there are some things no one could know about him. Power: He can control people’s luck, deciding their fate and what would happen to them.

The Head Houses:

The Emeralds: Lowest of the Houses, still quite powerful in the political system. Humiliated because their only child does not hold any sort of ability. Not well liked or respected in the houses for how “charitable” they are known for.

The Golds: Regal and known for more harsh punishments, the Golds do not like to be tempted. Their temper is short and thin. Sakaye came from this house, and they are quite proud of their achievements in the Houses.

The Diamonds: Poise and quiet, they do not like harsh punishments. They rather have more rules set for harsher restrictions between each power, lowering most people in the system. Knowledgeable about the history of Illea.

The Rubys: Destructive and loud, known to push for more military force and bloodshed with the aligning countries. Deal with their problems by executing them. The most feared for their aggressive and violent nature.

The Stars: The highest among the Houses, known for being rational and calm. They are a picture of peace and kindness, but on the inside they are just as evil and sinister as the Rubys. They are liked among the public because of their ‘perfect’ nature.


Name and Nicknames:

Age (18-25):

Gender Identity:




Socioeconomical Status:




General Apperance:

Face Claim:

Clothing Style:











Guilty Pleasure:

Religious Believes:

Political (how do they view the monarchy?):

Childhood Background:



Languages Spoken:

Romantic History:

Opinion/Treatment of King Benjamin:

Opinion/Treatment of Queen Sakaye:

Opinion/Treatment of Princess Seshi;

Opinion/Treatment of Prince Kenji:

Opinion of a Double Selection:

Opinion of Fighting other Selected (and how they will have to use their powers to show and fight):

Favorite(s): List anything here that’ll be there favorite.

Possible Scenes:

Plot Arch for your Character:

Date ideas:

Who do they want to end up with:

If your character dies, how would they?:

Reaction to the Selection (Beginning, Elite, Selected):

Quote that describes them:

Anything I missed

Pinterest Board:

PM me for any questions.


Clermont: Adiran Calipta, Male, 20, High-Class Streetfighter, Weakness Seeker, Face Claim: Lucky Blue Smith "The people who live the longest don't get involved in stupid conflicts." Submitted by CowOfKnowledge


A Magical Era - Female SYOC


Plot -

Magic lurks and creatures live together in harmony. This universe is full with magic, witches and wizards, dragons and fairies, mermaids and even more! Prince Arion, Heir to the Sulfirean throne, is more hesitant to find love. He wants to rule by himself, and he has restrictions that he will not cross. Rules he will follow precisely. Except, he’s going to have to be more open to be King. So, with his mind open he makes a simple plan. He will invite 20 girls, of any species (except a few I’ll name) , to come and win the heart of Arion. Then, once the public decides, he will marry the favorite. He does not have to love, right? Then again, with the public becoming uneasy about magic, who knows what will happen.

Kingdom -

Sulfirean is different from Illea - mainly because there are 20 sections to the Kingdom.

Sections are not named nor are that important, they each have high class to low class citizens. (I’ll assign your character a Section, don’t worry)

The most prevalent species are -

Humans - They make up 50% of the Population of Sulfirean.

Dragons - Are not allowed to join the Selection, Strong and Brave but also Independent. Riding dragons and taming them are strictly forbidden

Wizards/Witches - Magic users, create spells from simple ingredients. Are allowed to go to Selection following guidelines.

Mermaids/Men - Live in and out of the water, They are allowed to go to the Selection mainly because they can live in and out of water.

Elementals - They control an element (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water).

Faeries - Tricky little devils that are mischievous and cunning. Are not allowed to go to the Selection. (Includes Fairies, Fairy's, Fae's Etc)

Vampires - Blood sucking creatures that live forever. They are allowed to go to the Selection

Nymphs - Lustful and naturous, they are very appealing and attractive to ones eyes. They are allowed to go to the Selection

Elves - Tall and long ears, incredable speed, strength and spirit. They are allowed to go to the Selection.

ETC. (Let me know if you want to have a different species, and please specify which one)

Characters -

King Evenalo Orion Schreave, 56 Face Claim: JR Bourne - A very strong individual, Evenalo fought in a lot of battles. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and often people like that quality of him. He’s strict but caring. He shows his love in little jokes/jabbs. He is human by birth.

Queen Illiuminat Zaverina Schreave (Dee Hyde), 53, Face Claim: Allison Walton - A very kind and compassionate person, she is compared to a ray of sunshine. She is the life of the party and easy going. She is beautiful beyond her days, many people envy her. She is an Elf by birth.

Prince Arion Rommano Schreave, 22, Face Claim: Nate Niehaus - A quiet and reserved person, he often rather read than be social. He’s not bad at communicating, he just prefers to be alone. He will be a good King, but many people do not like how reserved he is. He is Human by birth

Prince Finley Tarnima Schreave, 18, Face Claim: Lorenzo Zurzolo - A fun and lively personality, often known as a ‘playboy’. He doesn’t have responsibility, so he spends most of his time drinking, hanging out with is friends. He is Human by birth.

Princess Erradenca Porriana Schreave, 13, Face Claim: Polina Litvinova - Sweet and Innocent, known as the baby of the family, but she can be quite sassy. She is Elf by birth.

Sir Juniper Ariellan Marce, 44, Face Claim: Sebastian Stan- Advisor and teacher, teaching each kid from the royal family. Known to be intimidating and cold, often showing no emotion. He is Vampire by transformation.

Nurse Gummy, 25 - Nurse and overall a caring person, she is the Royal Nurse. She excels at her job and is often known to be a bit sassy. She's a Fae.

A Magical Era Form -

Basic -


Nickname(s) [If any:


Age (18-25):




Appearance - [Take into account their species]

Face Claim:

Hair Color/Texture:

Eye Color:

Face Shape/Features:




Tattoos, Scars, Piercings..:

Clothing/Style -

Before the Selection style:

During the Selection style:

After the Selection style:

First meeting outfit:

Makeup Style/Changes:

Hair color change?:

Personal items they take to the Palace:

Personality -

Personality [1 page max:







First Impressions/vibes they give off:


Family/Life - [Include their Age, Face claim, Relationship with the character, Species and occupation]

Family [No more than 5 (If you need more, come ask me):




Brief Life history:

Medical/Criminal/Financial history:

Political views [What do they think of the Monarchy? The hate against Witches and Wizards? Dragons?:

Educational Background [Did they separate species? Was it public/private?]

Opinions/Reasons -

Opinion/Treatment of King Evenalo:

Opinion/Treatment of Queen Illuminat:

Opinion/Treatment of Prince Arion:

Opinion/Treatment of Prince Finley:

Opinion/Treatment of Princess Erradenca:

Opinion/Treatment of Sir Juniper:

Reason they entered [Money, Love, Power, Etc:

Reaction to getting Eliminated [Beginning, Middle, and End:

Do they want to win?:

How do they treat the other Selected?:

How do they treat the Staff?:

Would they make friends with the Selected?:

Other -

Favorites [List of anything they love, include Color, Food and Aesthetics:


First date ideas:

Any other ideas:


Anything I missed?:

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1.) Aurora Pathfinder, 25, Elf, Healer. Face Claim: Claire Foy. I'm not some love struck girl who will fling herself at you, begging for your touch. I am a woman. I will choose with who and when I mate, if I mate at all. - Submitted by CalvinHobbesGatsby

2.) Varina "Rina/Rinnie" Synelle, 22, Witch/Human, Midwife. Face Claim: Marta Pawlowska. Witch? And what of it? You say witch as if that's a bad word.- Submitted by G00N

3.) Angela "Angie/Angel" Chahida Jönsson, 21, Huldra. Forest Ranger and Tracker. Face Claim: Kenza Zouiten. You know I really don't get why human can be so cowardly? Humans, elves, witches, practically the same, except one has magic, one strives to be perfect, and one is legit perfect. Not in that order. - Submitted by Pixargirl

4.) Lealorie "Lore" Irenaeden, 19, Nymph. Photographer. Face Claim: Aiden Curtiss I think as long as you are aware of the beauty and blessing of nature around us than you are living life right - Submitted by G00N

5.) Circe Molinaris, 23, Siren, Nightclub Owner. Face Claim: Chloe Bennet. Dressing me up as a doll...as if that would make me any less dangerous. - Submitted by Jailynne


Selected Characters in Stories!

Amethyst Suto Hatashi (Face Claim: Lana Condor) The Mary Sue- Complete (The Game of a Crown) Eliminated Fairysecret01

Brent Avery Quinn (Face Claim: Noah Centineo) The Hot One- In Progress (How to Share a Crown) tyozzie123

Adalyn Rosemary Johann (The Dreamer) - In Progress (An Intriguing Tradition) AuroraMiri25

Cameron Alina Julika (Face Claim: Alba Galocha) - In Progress (Elite High School) Rowena Kiara

Julie Amarillsa Dektee (Face Claim: Gillian Anderson) The Teacher - In Progress (A Conspiracy of Ravens) GreenWithAwesome

Lilac Amarissa Quintora (Face Claim: Gina Rodriguez) - Complete (Once Upon a December) Eliminated SenseiGrace

Vanessa Olivera Servonas (Face Claim: Emily Rios) - In Progress (Blood lies and Secret ties) tyozzie123

Marigold Forwad Legend(Face Claim: Luca Hollestelle) - In Progress (Devils Due) The Pocketwatch Ripper

Nyson Rovarro Avery (Face Claim: Reece King) The Dumb One- Complete (The Game of a Marriage) Eliminated Fairysecret01

Irradia Fuerte-Sangre Poder (Face Claim: Becky G) The Musican - Complete (A Rose Among Thorns) Eliminated Ava Nava

Galena Harmony Worthwood (Face Claim: Zendaya) - In Progress (The New Illea) Ryes

Rosalyn Dedric Quinton (Face Claim: Aiyana Lewis) The Lawyer - Complete (Melody in a Gilded cage) Eliminated CalvinHobbesGatsby

Xynone Androgunil Hanover (Face Claim: Xavier Rodger) The Solider -In Progress (WSDJ) Dead... izar ilunak

Diyanira Avilasa Bathory (Face Claim: Danielle Campbell) The Vampire - In Progress (mmuer) bastardmanjack

Hayami Kokoro Fujimori (Face Claim: Sakura Heffron) The Rich One- In Progress (Third Time's the Charm) Abizeau

Callan Aurum Vandestine (Face Claim: Adrien Sahores) The Blind One - In Progress (Sisters) Abizeau

Easton Alexander Divenre (Face Claim: Blake Michael) The Father - In Progress (Sisters) Abizeau

Conroy Kace Beckett (Face Claim: Grant Gustin) The Gay One - In Progress (Two kings) vanillard

Irielyn Mavis Bulasky (Face Claim: Bellamiie) The Red Head - In Progress (Painted Wings) BradiLain

Savanna "Sav" Rachel Burdne (Face Claim: Alexandra Tikerpuu) The Rule Follower- Complete (Peter the Great) Won! CalvinHobbesGatsby

Rhyes Forest Robertson (Face Claim: Karl Jacobs) The Dumb/Funny One - In Progress (A Rotten Crown) Headless Gummy Bear

Kouki Himari Nakamura (Face Claim: Miura Haruma) The Sweet One - In Progress (The Rise of Absalom) CalvinHobbesGatsby

Blythe Romanovan Cecilia (Face Claim:Natasha Liu Bordizzo) The Secretive One - In Progress (Love, if you can get it.) Fairysecret01

Ehani Maeve Brooke (Face Claim: Diana Korkunova) The Sunshine - In Progress (Fortean) comosallama

I probably have more but I'm forgetting them at this moment.

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