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Hi everyo0ne, IT's ME!!!!! Ashley Morningstarr and I HAVE TAKE THIS ACCOUNT BACK!!! and I am so very excited tp have my very own fanfiction account. I got locked out of my last account so I made trhis wone. I hope you enjoy all of my lovely stories that I am so very excited to right. I hope one day to become a best selling author and where best to strart then writring fanfiction yippieee. Alkso I know my name doesn't match my personality but I am a huge fan of using IORNY

Thingz I like: STAR VS TRHE FORCES OF EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!, Total Drama, Twilight, cute bois:) BTS, Harry STyles, Aruana Grande, Taykor Swift, The Pretty reckless, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire DIaraies, the color pink, Diseny movies, Harry Potter, Stephen King Books (like IT, Carrie, Misery etc.), make-up, Evanescence, EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!, Robert Pattionson *HE IS SO HOT*

Thingz I dislike: Metal music, video games, marvel comics, DC comics, nerdy stuyff, ANIME!!!! *YUCK* SOUTH PARK *THEAY ARE NASTY PEOIPLE ON THAT SHOW*

I hope you enjoy my stories:)

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