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rizee6 PM
Joined Dec '19, USA

" stop following others and be a leader"

my oc/s

rizee height 8.2 strength of a dozen men anthro/wolf/human w/wolf/anthro form jet black fur and a gray underbelly. a scar left eye blind in that eye

near-immortal weakness distractions, silver fire. back round us military rank corporal, N/A still adding more

Alex Winchester height 5.2 fur on back silver-gray, fur on the chest a jet black with a crimson red stripe on his left side,

eye color a yellow and green, rank omega

Nick Hodge height 6.0 ft fur on back a reddish-brown, fur on chest cream color, eye color green, rank unknown /skills of an alpha mind of omega\

Shaun Hurley height 6.2 ft

Hayden Hurley height 5.7 fur on the back and front left paw dark blue fur on chest sliver ish gray with a symbol Δ rank unknown to the majority

of the western, eastern, southern, except northern

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