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Hello, everybody. My name is Luiz. My favorite format is script one but FFN does not permit it. Two of my fics, 'The Life of Fire Lord Zuko' and 'Attack of the Shadow Clones' were removed because of that. Since then I've changed the format of my other fics and reposted the two stories mentioned above in a new format. I would like to ask everyone who reviewed the original versions of these stories to R&R the new ones.

Recently, a problem with the website is preventing several users (myself included) from updating Harry Potter fics or posting new ones. Since all I get when I try is an error message and I've never been notified of any order against posting Harry Potter fics, I'm posting my Harry Potter work as Misc Books.

Good news, people, I've found a way to continue fics at Harry Potter category. I'm still unable to work on the properties, however. Unfortunately, to post anew HP fic will require posting it at some other category and then changing it to HP.

A message to all those who leave anonymous reviews. If you don't bother to identify yourselves so I can send reply, don't use anonymous reviews to ask questions.

Fanfiction author mrastounding extended Chapter 11 of "Ghost 101".

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