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Midnight Haki PM
Joined Dec '19

Username: Midnight Haki

Age: 19

Personality: Athletic, Pessimistic, Lazy, Sarcastic

Likes: Family / Friends, Cold Weather, Reading, Music, Video Games, Anime/Manga, Sports: Football/Basketball/Track

Dislikes: Biased People, Disrespectful/Rude People


  • I'm good at writing "Mature Content" Such as Sexual Themes, Violence/Gore along with Detailing. However I'm terrible at writing Fighting Scenes, and keeping characters "In Character" and a bit in Grammar.

  • My "Mature Content" writing is 7.5/10

  • The "Fighting Scenes / 'Reactions'" are Amateur at best.

  • My Grammar/Vocabulary isn't that bad but it's not great either. I'm Hispanic so English wasn't my first language, but since no one is fluent in Spanish at my school or current job, it's not as good as it once was, and since everybody else speaks English I had to adjust to English
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