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i usually prefer reading story books and fanfictions. i have not written anything nor am i going to in the near future (..near and far as well maybe). just another useless bystander, standing and watching other people do the work and cheering for them. Just hit me with those awesome fanfics dear authors.Also.. my name is derived(coughstolencough...sorry! but i love your story names) from the fanfic with the same name by Alaena F. Dragonstar. i absolutely love her works and encourage everyone to read them if you like.. beautiful pieces of work. all of them.

(some)favourite animes:

bleach, naruto, fairy tail, hunterxhunter, yu yu hakusho, rurouni kenshin, haikyuu, diamond no ace, kamisama kiss, kuroko no basket, akatsuki no yona, major, cross game,death note, charlotte, detective Conan, magic kaito,... and many more..started watching almost 6 years back and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

favourite book:

harry potter. i have read many other books. but as for fanfics.. sorry folks.. hp it is.

well.. thats a long enough profile for now .thanks for reading.. if anyone does read it.. cause.. its not as if i am doing anything except reading other people's hardwork and have no works of my own.

the end.

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