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Hi Everyone!

I've always loved Naruto and the Naruto Fanfiction scene. After years of reading fanfictions, I've finally decided to put some of my daydreamings into words and write some stories.

I work as an Aerospace engineer for my Job, so I apologize for any poor grammar or janky dialogue that is present in my stories. I don't have any experience writing stories, only technical and Lab write-ups. So any constructive criticism is welcome!

Interests: Aerospace, Auto racing, gaming, hiking, fantasy.

Books and shows I'm currently invested in:

Arcane, Wheel of Time, The Stormlight Archive, The Witcher, The Book of Boba Fett

Discord Server:

I've decided to create a discord server. Not sure if anyone will join, but I thought on the off chance that some people actually do that it would be fun to chat! Anyway, if want to join, just PM me with your info and I’ll send an invite. Once in, feel free to invite friends, and please be respectful to everyone on the server.


The Last wind (chapter 14 in work): My first attempt at a story. I wanted to create OCs and include lots of world-building. These OCs are non-SI's. The time period is the early second shinobi war and will bleed over into the third shinobi war. Follow along as my OCs make their mark on Leaf history. Hopefully a good mark. This story is actively being worked on.

The Wind Walker (Chapter 12 in work): A common daydream I have is of OC Hokages. I like to build OCs in my head. Give them different abilities and see how they would do as Hokage. This story spawned from that. An OC fourth Hokage dies during the nine-tails attack and wakes up in an alternate reality where Minato is still alive and is the fourth Hokage. The OC must integrate into this new world while the failures of his previous life haunt him. War is brewing. The Leaf is weak after the nine-tails attack, and the masked man is still out there. This story is actively being worked on.

Medium-rare (Complete): A one-shot I came up with during a conversation on Reddit. A poor stone ninja finds one of Minato's seals on his body when he showers. It doesn't end well. Dark Minato. Complete.

Long Live the Leaf (Hiatus): An experimental fic focused on Root. What types of missions would root operatives be assigned? How far will they go to complete their mission? This fic is planned to be between 40-70k words. This fic will be OC-focused and dark. The main character won't be a typical good protagonist. He is loyal, which is good in itself, but he is also a Root operative. He will do anything for the Leaf, and the Leaf is desperate. Chapter 1 is posted, and chapter 2 is in work. This story is experimental in nature and, thus, won't be on my top priority list. I plan on adding to it when I'm not busy with my other projects or when I need a breather from my more expansive works.

Death From Above (Chapters 1-4 complete): I am currently working on an Isekai/Self Insert OC story. Unlike my other stories, I plan on starting to post chapters for this fic only once I've completed a significant part of the story. Writing and posting chapters as you go is fun, and it's what I've done for my other two long fics. But it has also caused me issues as well as long and inconsistent intervals between chapter updates. So I'm going a different method with this fic. I'm planning it all out and plan on completing several arcs before I even post the first chapter. Then I plan on sticking to a consistent update interval to work through the backlog while I continue to work through and finish the story. Expect this story to be long and follow an OC character for multiple years of their life.

Themes to expect: Adventure, action, tragedy, war, political schemes, Isekai, possible romance

Rating M.

I plan on commissioning art for the main character as I did for The Wind Walker.

Collaborative Works: I've also joined a group of readers, writers, and editors on a collaborative naruto project. The team's name is Collab Naruto Fanfiction Server (CoNF). The goal is to create a sort of Naruto Fanfiction Universe (NFU) similar to the Marvel MCU. So far the group has put out several one-shots where a writer and editor were paired for a trial run. These one-shots most likely won't be canon in the NFU but were a fun way to practice with the writer and editor pair. The one-shot I wrote is called The Cost of Prosperity. Links to the one-shot and CoNF page will be below. If you like my writing, please keep a lookout on the CoNF page. I won't write everything but will be in charge of certain characters and chapters.

The Cost of Prosperity:

CoNF page:

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