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Hi! My name is Viv, and I'm a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University. I live in Louisiana with my two parents, my younger brother, and my dog(who has now, unfortunately, gone to heaven). I love to travel, read, listen to my MP3, rock climb, and, of course, write. Written in Sand is my first story, and it's for Stargate SG-1, which is my favorite tv show. I really hope that whoever reads it likes it, because I love writing it. I also have an idea for Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, and a couple of ideas for the Phantom of the Opera(several different versions). And I have an idea(sort of) for Batman Beyond, the Earth Mover episode. But I can't start those until I finish Written in Sand. By the way, I also have an idea for a sequel to it, already! I can't wait to start it!

I'll update my story as often as I can, given the occasional writer's block. Reviews are always helpful, by the way. They inspire me to go on with my work, you know? So, for now, adios!

7/10/07- I meant to say earlier that I also had an idea for V for Vendetta. It's actually already written by hand, just not typed. No promises, though.

4/8/08- Sorry, guys. I'm so busy with school right now, and I'm having writer's block, that it's probably going to be awhile before I can update(Written in Sand). I hope that you all will be patient with me. :) But when I get a chance, I promise to update.

1/17/12-Man, am I late in announcing this, and I hate to do so. But, unfortunately, I must. My fanfic, Alfheim, the sequel to Written in Sand, is on hold indefinitely. I wish it wasn't so-I hate to start a story, and then never finish it. That happens all too often on here, I know. I've been disappointed an more than one occasion to find a really good fanfic, only to later discover that it has not been updated in, like, years. Which is why I hate to do this. The story will remain up, and my hope is to one day get back to it. My most sincere apologies to my readers.

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