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To being with, what I am NOT is a simple response to an ASL query (Age/Sex/Location). The reason for this is not just a desire to remain anonymous, but moreso because I believe part of the attraction of communicating over the Internet is the mystery of it. Putting aside the inherent dangers this often leads to in the hands of those Internet predators you always hear about, the fact is the person talking to you can believe you are whoever they want you to be, and will anyway no matter what you tell them. I can be a 23 year old female from Hawaii or a 42 year old male from Chicago, or anything else. The fact is, when all is said and done, it just doesn't matter. The sum total of my existence in this format is what I write, and that is all anyone needs to know about me. You can take it from there.

Who I am depends, as it so often does, on one's point of view, so I will give you mine. I see myself as being someone teetering on the very brink of being a stereotypical anime geek were it not the fact that I am married to the most saintly woman I know, one who both provides my anchor in reality and who exhibits godlike patience for all my whims, foibles, and various other shortcomings. In short, she makes me appear as a man who has the benefit of that figurative "woman's touch" you hear about in the movies all the time (all the hentais like myself should briefly drag their minds out of the gutter for that last comment as it was not referring to a touch in the physical sense). It is due to her alone that I do not find myself walking around in an oversized shirt featuring the cast of Evangelion.

I see myself as being a flowing fountain of factoids on movies and animated series of today and yesterday, those facts consisting of equal parts esoteria and uselessness. I find myself often speaking at length about topics that only I, sadly, are at all interested in while I slowly watch my audience's eyes lose focus until they finally turn away in mid-sentence and start speaking to another person just to get relief from my diatribe. Of course, I share that same self-delusion of otaku's everywhere that, on those occasions when I find someone who knows more about the childish trivia that makes up the world of dork-dom than I do, that person is automatically a bigger dork than I am. This provides a measure of relief due to the fact that at least I am not the biggest dork in the room (ignoring the fact that I am, in fact, at least hanging out with the biggest dork in the room).

I am also notoriously hard to please when it comes to fanfics, as many of the authors posting on this site have found out to their disillusionment. I am a stickler for spelling and grammar, probably stemming from the fact that I read so many professionally produced works of fiction that I have learned what a properly formed sentence looks like, and I figure if I can do it everyone can. This is not just a pet peeve, I firmly believe that a great story can be ruined by poor spelling and grammar. It robs the story, and hence the author, of credibility and distracts from the content the author worked so hard on. Now, I'm not saying you need to be perfect, there is a threshold of acceptability for mistakes, and as we all know everyone makes them. But when you surpass that threshold your work starts to degrade, and you would be better off not posting it until you have fixed it or, if you are unable to, until you have found someone who can. Nobody knows everything, and its OK to ask for help in the name of producing a better story. If you love to write, then do it the honor of doing it right way.

Also, people often ask if I have so much to say about the work of others then why don't I post work, putting my money where my mouth is so to speak. The answer is neither complex nor particularly profound. I far prefer reading to writing, even though I have been told by some who write for a living that my writing is exceptional. The point of this exercise is to do what you enjoy, and I only enjoy reading. It takes too much time and effort to put together a story worth reading, and so I respect and applaud all those who do so to the benefit of myself and others. Call this a cop out or personal flaw if you like, but it doesn't change a thing. I still read and I still have an opinion, and I will still express that opinion when I feel the need to do so.

So now you have some idea of who I am (or at least, who I say I am). A male who is married and who has a gift (curse?) for verbosity and slinging what I like to consider somewhat advanced linguistics, if only to make myself feel smart. Does any of this matter? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how you form your opinions. But since you and I will never meet in the "meat world" (as my gaming buddies call it), and if we did we would never know it, then all you have to go on is my word.

Hey, at least that's better than Socrates - he wouldn't even write anything down for fear that it would misrepresent him if it were taken the wrong way!

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