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I am a 54 year-old, sometime professional writer newly come to the fascinating world of FanFic, late like everything else that is connected to the internet. The good news is that I am published and know at least marginally how to string words together. Better news is that my wife is an editor and can keep me on the gramatically straight and narrow. The bad news is that I am a non-fiction writer. To me plot development is when you build a house on the land you just bought, and what is this 'dialog' thing you make speech about? Help.

One commitment that I am making is trying to follow Heinlein's Second Rule of Writing: Finish what you write. I will do my level best to complete stories. This probably guarantees that my computer will explode and that I forget the letter 'P', but that's karma, neh?

Writing of which, I will attempt to avoid the use of Japanese in stories. While most readers may understand, I feel such usage to make a work less accessable. So Silver Crystal for Ginshouzo, elder sister for Onee-san, etc. The only exception to this is the use of Japanese honorifics. I have never been happy with the translations for -chan, -sama, and such, and so will use the Japanese instead the English translations..

I hope you enjoy these stories at least half as much as I did writing them. In which case, I am twice as happy as you.


Fist of the Moon: Complete.

Am I Smart: Short Story. Complete.

Current Project: Darkness Returns: a Teen Titan/Ranma crossover. Editing chapters and releasing them every two weeks or so.

10/8/14 As you have no doubt noted and has been snippily brought to my attention, the two week schedule is no longer in effect. I had honestly forgotten I had written that. Given how I am struggling with this fic, I will be lucky if I update every 6 months.

Change 3/18/13 The goods news (at least to some) I am releasing the first chapter of Darkness Returns. The not so good news, my wife's professional duties prevent her from editing my copy, so be prepared for more errors.

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