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umm... hello umm...not sure on what to say but here goes nuttin'

im a person who like fanfiction, and manga. i would like to write stories but i can't. i might flame people on some things but i probably don't mean it.

age: 18

sex: male




From beginning to the very end I was there. I will never forget.

Tom and the Absolution

A great Character and a funny host

You will live on forever in this.

If you were there for Toonami from the beginning to end and now wish to honor it post this on your profile. Zaara the black, jmasta32,demoncreater2002

The Spirit is a terrible thing if it's left unchecked. It will send Chaos through everyone and thing. Not even Passion will be able to stop this from happening, not without the proper Wisdom to set things straight. Even with that Wisdom, the fury of Chaos cannot be calmed, nor can the Spirit ever be properly controlled, not without a little Light and Loyalty in their lives. The Light will fear the Darkness, the Darkness will despise Light and Loyalty, but a Miracle will set the proper boundaries to ensure Order amongst the world. Courage will be taken in by Passion, as Love is engulfed by Friendship, and Hope will fall in line with Order as Light intertwines with Chaos. The betrayal of Miracles will bring upon the rage of the never dying Spirit upon the destruction of Passion and Courage. The Light will fade, the Darkness will grow, Friendship will die, and all Hope will be lost. However Sincerity will bring everything together, Kindness will mend everyone's hearts, the lives of many will fall to the choices made by Knowledge and Wisdom, and Responsibility will take up the mantle of the fallen Courage.

Sincerity and Love will try to drag the Miracles back into everyone's lives, and Kindness will compliment the two, releasing a new power with the Spirit and Chaos now longed in everyone's heart. Passion, Courage, and Friendship will revive, bringing forth a change in the Elements and The Worlds

The Seven Demons...True Chosen...Keys...Knights...Gods...Legendary Warriors...Destruction and Death...Rebirth and Life...The Worlds...The Chosen

Power Ever Evolving

got this from konsu

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