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I'm older than dirt, I live on the Gulf Coast. I've sailed off shore more than once or twice and stood a few watches that grayed my hair. I've swam at night in the Gulf with dinoflagellets all around making green fire. I believe in the pirates' code, the knights' code, and honor. I'm a water baby, the bigger the water the better (tubs, creeks, rivers, ...The SEA). Old hippie is one way of saying it. I love the way that most of the intelligent and creative people in this spot play with words--endlessly fascinating. I love temporal pleasures, those brief life moments, a sunset, a child's smile, spring migration...name one that suits you. I've discovered I wasn't meant to be a partner to one in life, however, I'm a friend indeed. I work hard, I'm productive most days, I pet my critters, love my friends, share with my family, and really don't think it's anyone's business at all if I eat my french fries with mustard (and from Jack), saavy? Fair winds and a following sea--think it's not illegal yet.

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