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cHr0n0sPh3r3 PM
Joined Jun '07, Australia

Argh - I find this after all this time again. Expunged - now to business.

Name: No telling, entire point of an alias.

Age: 16 at time of writing

Sitting around reading things mostly, reviewing sometimes.

Getting kicked around by school, ya know. Sorry for brevity, but things to do.

Also for future reference:

Any and all Media on which I right fanfictions are not my property, I do not own them nor do I have any right to claim otherwise. Said media are property of their respective owners and the only claim I can make is that any non-canonical characters made in my story are of my creation unless stated otherwise. In any case I do however have claim over what I write, so ask if you desire to also use some material from my fics. Thanks.

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