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Rei: Hi, Just a forewarning, this happens to be Kyoko's page, and if you've accidentally stumbled upon it, there's a button right at top that's the back page.


Rei: We have to warn them though!

Kyoko: OKAY, LISTEN UP, You're going back into the diary!

Rei: B-But Kyoko... Sniffles

Kyoko: E-heh, you guys can just skip ahead of this.

Muffling noises.

Rei:What are her favorite fan fictions?! Is there any she'd like to do?

(Answer: A-Durh.)

Final Fantasy 7's : Cloud x Aeris, Vincent x Yuffie, maybe others but she can't think of any at the moment.

Disgaea: Etna x Laharl

Resident Evil: Claire x Steve , Claire x Leon, AND ZOMG, (Someone do it before I do), Steve x Leon

Star Ocean: Claude x Rena, Rena x Dias.

Orphen: Orphen x Cleo

POSTED ALREADY: ( Rei: You've done work already, Kyoko?) Smacks

Eerie Queerie: "Touch Me Not" (Ohh, but they do.)

(More to come, I swear!)

Next Up: ( Rei: You're working on something, Kyoko?) Smacks again.

Star Ocean: "A Sea without a Compass." (Is that cheesy?)

Author and Reader Note:

Konnichiwa Minna-San, (I swear everything I do won't be in Japanese, I promise.)

If I've posted some stuff, (finally) that you like, I thank you for reading then! My name's Kyoko, and I live in the US. Any other information is classified. . I mostly draw Manga, and create scripts, so while doing so I've explored the wonderful world of fan fiction writing and (My favorite) script writing. =X

I hope I can do some good work, that puts me out there. If you want to see some of my drawings check out , and I hope you enjoy that just as well.

Keep Reading, and so will I. O_o

XOXO, Kyoko

Rei: BYE!! (Waves Hand) I LOVE YOU!!


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