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I am just an anonymous writer, going back to a hobbie I used to love :) I used to watch Life with Derek when I was younger, and I never noticed the obvious attraction between Derek and Casey. I fell down the rabbit hole, and now I am obsessed and need an outlet to get it out. Please be patient with me as I am just starting out on this site. I do have a Tumblr page, and if you'd like to see some of my posts, follow me there too! Dasey2020 is the same name for my page, check it out!

Love in Gossip Land and Hidden Secret have been removed, but if you were following and want to continue you can look for it on Archive of Our Own under the same name as it will now be my main posting site. Any new stories will be posted there too, I may occasionally post the first chapter of new material and depending on interest I'll update here . I haven't given up posting here, and may be back with other stories eventually. Sorry for any trouble. I love this story but since it's a crossover it isn't doing well on Fanfiction.net . :)

Thanks for following my work.



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