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Hello surfers of the internet.

For your information i will go between formal and informal writing cuz i ... dont know.

I was bored so I made this account on (this was before my life started to get really busy)

This is the only fan fiction site I know.

If anybody knows another site with decent fan fictions, please tell me. I NEED DECENT AND OR BETTTER SAIYUKI FANFICTIONS.

I have no idea how you contact other people in this site, but if your more technologically advanced than I am, (which you are), please tell me the site(s).

I will just tell you a bit bout myself.

I'm weird. LOL.

I'm adding stuff.

Okay, I absolutely love this song, despite the presence of cuss words.

It is "U and Ur Hand" by Pink and "Who Knew", and "Cuz I Can"

Anybody else love the song.

I do!

I love the chorus because her voice totally rocks!

Well, everyone is weird.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Goodbye! . =) : XD

this is the part where i ADD stuff

WELL i was gonna add stuff but this stupid thing wont let me paste it and i really dont wana retype it soooo...

i doubt if i am going to ever really write anything.

sorrry or...

you guys should probably be glad cuz i suck at ENGLISH. AHHH.

i think this site is a place for me to RANT...sorry!

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