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*Fanfiction Verison*

'Cosmo' or 'Cosmo_Writer' here. This is my re-updated change on my profile, hope you don't mind the new changes.

Anyways I am near young adult age and also a writer, (well not an official one) and I am capable of writing some stories just for the entertainment of readers like you.

I am planning a future career in Screens & Media, mostly animation and story so I wish myself luck. I won't be leaving Wattpad tho as I enjoy writing out stories, but I hopefully achieve my goal/dream.

Here is my stories list you will see on Wattpad:
- Fate/Visions
- Pacific Rim: The Black - Survivor
- RWBY: Multiverse Theatre

Stay tuned for more upcoming stories on Wattpad because I am mostly available rather than being here.

Update: I have a link that is available for anyone that wants to become a member if fully wanted to support my work further more.

Here is theLink’.

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