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Joined Jun '07

Name: Etern11

Age: 15

DOB: 23rd October

Horoscope: Libra / Scorpio (now I am unable to define which exactly I belong to, for 23rd lies on the cupline between both)

Country of Citizenship: China

Religion / Faith: Spiritualist

Representative Tarot Card: The Hanged Man

Main Fandom: Naruto



Email: moonhue_winds@

MSN: Aurinya@

Warm greetings everyone. I am what you call the average artist, with a hopeless addiction to the Arts and the concept of creation. I love just about everything related to the Arts and humanities: Visual art, aural art, literary art and subjects like History and Philosophy which explore the human consciousness, but I also possess a reasonable amount of interest in pursuits of the unknown such as parapsychology and astronomy. They allow me to gain insights whilst expanding my field of vision outwards towards the vast, never-ending realm of impossibilities. These are to me things which give meaning to a life of seeking answers, of observation and awareness that extends beyond the grit of the material dimension.

I come under many names, some of which you may have come across before. I have been known here as Eralight, Erawind, Amegawa-chan, Aurinya, each under separate accounts, but all of which I have taken and discarded in more ways than one. These are to me mere identities which I will obtain and shed once in a while, not regularly nor frequently, but definitely. Now I am known as Etern11. I may be known differently in some other places, but I will leave the mystery unsolved.

With that, I hope you enjoy reading my fanfics and thanks for coming. :)

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