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lazy, can't write

still thinking about making a fic where Jaune failed to procure crocea mors, and instead in his travel to Vale found a certain greatsword that can whisper him word of encouragement and assure him on his mission to become a hero

probably will lean on the bloodborne incarnation because only in that game the weapon is kinda sentient(?).

maybe whacky humor/adventure with concerning detail on human dismantlement

I can't believe I'm really into the show that I've never even watch outside it's first episode

oh god now I think the same thing happen for fate series fic

nope now I think shrou is a stubborn bastard, totally thinking making I, Archer, Or, Teaching traumatized children how to have a healthy life

literally just "huh this sounds kinda neat" then boom. fic reader

I accidentally read the fall ugh

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