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I like to read fanfiction as a pastime or at least take solace in it

note: if you go to my page to Simply pm me simply do so please. if you are an author with a reason to Blacklist me please at least inform me of the reason if it is in regards to a comment please note that I mean no offense and I'm sorry if what I commented came out wrong or negative, simply p.m. me and use words and talk it out and be respectful.

Blacklist is an insult and the figurative middle finger so if you do not care then all I can simply say is you can burn you hypocritical salty brat, I will Blacklist you back as everyone is entitled to their own opinion if you can't handle that then why the hell do you write fan fiction for simply leave it if you can't deal with it or just delete the comments or better yet ignore the comments self righteous intolerant asses. Humans are intelligent beings for a reason use your words instead of acting like an entitled douchebag who wants to get everything their way if you expect everyone to be nice to you guess what harsh reality not everyone is nice, there will always be critics and I have a low tolerance and low opinion of authors who act as such so do please be civil and conversate and for the sake of all creation and whatever God or Gods JUST SIT DOWN AND TALK, do mind that everyone has their own issues if you have a major problem with that then tuff luck.

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