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Location: Germany, in the year 1891.

Fav musical: Spring Awakening!

Favoritest SPRING AWAKENING characters ever!

Martha (There's a part she can't tell...)
Ilse (She listened to what's in the heart of a child)
Moritz (He's a sad, soulful sleepyhead)
Ernst (He's gonna skim off the cream)
Anna (It's like she's your lover, or more like your ghost)

4.26.09: I saw Spring Awakening for the first time ever.

September 26-December 1 2012: I was head property master in my college's production of Spring Awakening, completing my dream.

During the summer of 2012, I was made aware that the fall musical at my college was to be Spring Awakening. As soon as the fall activities fair started, I signed up for drama club in the tech department. At a tech meeting, I was made to be in charge of the props in the show. I cannot express enough what a ride this experience was. All of the 1 AM rehearsals, all of the last-minute microphone changes, all of the (for lack of better word) was all worth it in the end. This cast was insanely talented, as well as being among the kindest and most genuine human beings I've ever come in contact with. I was humbled to work with them and be recognized as an important part of the team. All shall truly know (and remember) the wonder of purple summer

Gay Marriage should be legal. SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE!

Pairings I Ship:

Spring Awakening:

Moritz/Martha (Marritz)
Handschen/Ernst (Ernschen)
Martha/Ilse (Milse)
Otto/Georg (Getto)
Moritz/Melchior (Morchior)

Into the Woods:

Baker/Baker's Wife
Jack/Red Riding Hood


Kurt/Artie (Kartie/Kurtie)
Kurt/Puck (PucKurt/Koah)
Kurt/Blaine (Klaine/Blurt)
Santana/Brittany (Brittana)
Artie/Tina (Artina)
Rachel/Puck (Puckleberry)
Kurt/Finn (Kinn)
Rachel/Quinn (Faberry)
Rory/Kurt (Kory)
Rory/Sam (Sory)
Blaine/Sam (Blam)
Marley/Jake (Jarley)

Glee Cast Members:

Monfer (Monteith/Colfer)
CrissColfer (Criss/Colfer)
McColfer (McHale/Colfer)
Sagron (Salling/Agron)

The Glee Project:

Cameron/Damian (Camian/Dameron)
Damian/Hannah (Dannah/Hamian)
Damian/Myself (I can't resist him)
Sam/Marissa (Samissa)
Cameron/Marissa (Camerissa)
Blake/Nellie (Bellie)


Fieyro/Elphaba (Fieyraba)
Glinda/Elphaba (Gelphie)

RuPaul's Drag Race:
Manila Luzon/Sahara Davenport (RIP)
Sharon Needles/Alaska Thunderfuck
Ivy Winters/Jinkx Monsoon

FAQ (or perhaps just Questions that I am Going to Answer)

Will you write _ and _ ?
That depends on if I like the characters and if I can think of a plausible storyline for the two of them. For example, Blaine and Kurt is easy, while Will and Emma, not so much.

Why do you always write your Glee stories with Kurt as the main character?
Simple. Kurt is my favorite Glee character. He is also the easiest for me to write, and the one I connect to the best, emotionally.

I usually know how I want the story to end by chapter three or four. Oftentimes, especially with my "Fire" trilogy, I'll swap songs and plotlines around in the name of coherence and what works best for the story. In general, however, I know how I want my stories to go. I know who I want to die (if anyone), who I want to survive, and who I want to fall in love, as well as how I want them to fall in love. If you don't like that, I'm sorry.

Will you beta for me? Please?
The answer, nine out of ten times, is "absolutely!" I love to beta-read for people! Just message me or check out my beta profile for more details :)

Who are your favorite Glee characters?
Puck, Kurt, Artie, Sam, Tina, Brittany, Santana, Rory, Joe.

Why do you hate Finchel so much?
I could give you a hundred reasons why I can't stand Finchel, but I have limited space on this profile, so I shall not.

If you could marry any Glee character and/or castmate, who would it be?
I wish I could say Chris Colfer/Kurt. But I can't. Because they are gay. So, I'm going to have to say as for characters, I'd marry Artie. But as for castmates, I'd marry Damian McGinty, upcoming character in season 3 and co-winner of The Glee Project.

Besides Glee, what other TV shows do you watch?
America's Next Top Model, Dance Moms, RuPaul's Drag Race, RuPaul's Drag U, Food Network be honest, mostly reality/competition shows at the moment. I'm also obsessed with Netflix-ing things and I adore United States of Tara and The Tudors.

I love your stories. Will you marry me?
*laughs* That depends! Are you an 18-20 year old straight male? Then, we'll see ;)

Where did your pen-name come from?

Well, the GirlInTheMirror part is from "Wicked Witch of the East", a song from Wicked. The lyric goes as follows: "Don't leave me/Alone and loveless here with just the girl in the mirror/Just her and me!/The Wicked Witch of the East!" As for the 121 part, I really don't know where that came from. I just think it looks aesthetically pleasing. It's not my birthday or anything, just some random numbers, I suppose.

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