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AgentBrian PM
Joined Feb '20

User_ID - Agent Brian Edwards, ID No. 095

Gender - Male

Age - Mentally an Adult, Physically almost an adult and Socially a Teenager (or am I?)

Email :- No.

PM :- Yes.

Phone Number :- Back off, Rocket Scum.

Sexuality - Nope. Sorry not sorry.

Location - The Internet, Fanfiction and a few specific games.

Fav Games - Marvel Future Fight, Call of Duty Mobile, Among Us, Clash of Clans, PUBG-M, Garena Free Fire, Pokémon Masters, Pokémon GO, all Pokémon main series games, Lonewolf, Iron Man (the game, by SEGA), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (the PC game), all the GTAs, etc.

Fandoms - Pokémon and Marvel. Nothing else (yet).

My Favorite Pokemon Shippings :-

Anime -

Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty)

Contestshipping (Drew x May)

Ikarishipping (Dawn x Paul)

Leafgreenshipping (Leaf x Gary)

Amourshipping (Ash x Serena)

Wishfulshipping (Iris x Cilan)

Fourthwheelshipping (Bonnie x Max)

Rocketshipping (Jessie x James)

Snowpointshipping (Zoey x Candice)

Luckshipping (Brock x Lucy)

KantoContestshipping (Solidad x Harley)

HandyManshipping (Tracey x Daisy)

Cavaliershipping (Gary x Dawn)

Curtainshipping (Maylene x Reggie)

SapphirePearlshipping (Dawn x May)

DarkSteel/LoliShotashipping (Cynthia x Steven)

Games -

Namelessshipping (Red x Blue)

BurningLeafshipping (Red x Leaf)

Conflictingshipping (Leaf x Blue)

NewBarkshipping (Ethan x Kris)

HeartSoulshipping (Ethan x Lyra)

SoulSilvershipping (Silver x Lyra)

Hoennshipping (Brendan x May)

Fortuneshipping (Lucas x Dawn)

Chessshipping (Hilbert x Hilda)

Dualrivalshipping (Cheren x Bianca)

Ferriswheelshipping (N x Hilda)

Isshushipping (N x Hilbert)

Visorshipping (Nate x Rosa)

Sequelshipping (Rosa x Hugh)

Kalosshipping (Calem x Serena)

Airplaneshipping (Elesa x Skyla)

Manga (Pokemon Adventures Special):-

Luckyshipping (Blue x Red)

Originalshipping (Red x Green O.)

Specialshipping (Red x Yellow)

OldRivalshipping (Green O. x Blue)

Feelingshipping (Green O. x Yellow)

Franticshipping (Ruby x Sapphire)

Commonershipping (Diamond x Platinum)

Agencyshipping (Black x White)

Corruptedshipping (Blake/Lack-Two/Rakutsu x Whitley/Whi-Two/Faitsu)

And, that's the gist of it. I know there are quite a lot of them, and many of them are conflicting. So, let me make this clear. I do not condone or read or write conflicting ships. No versus, no competition, nothing. One-sided stuff is okay, which happens a lot in Poke and Amour ship stories, for example, but this is where the line ends. About Me:- Do I have to? Really? Whatever...

SO, my name is Brian, I'm a not-quite-adult adult guy who knows way too much more than someone my age is supposed to (according to the messed up group of people we call society). I'm a realist, I look at everything like it's supposed to be, filtering all external influences, and I won't hesitate to indulge in conflicts, regardless of severity of my actions, if it means I can shut some idiot up and prevent them from corrupting the world (if it already isn't). For someone as cold, and realistic as I am, I absolutely love humor and the supernatural. I believe that ghosts and all those puffs of gas are actually a higher form of life, unable to be understood with our current availability of stuff. It needs a more advanced version of science and tech we have at disposal, which will eventually be uncovered. I live in one of the Hickiest Pieces of sh*t this side of Kanto, where the differences between release dates of a lot of my fav things have a difference of more than a week, that is, if they ever manage to come here.

I love crack fics, like Pokémon Misadventures, great fic, M rated stuff, and it will show up in the way I converse a lot, so no offense (or is it?). I am an aspiring Pokémon Master Writer, and I have so many ideas but my writing skills aren't exactly top notch. I'm working on them, while going through study stuff. I gotta focus on studies these 2 years, then I'll be free to write fics as much as I want. Heck, I'd even try my hand at some big multi chap fics, cuz I have soo many ideas, stored in my brain since more than 6 years, so if someone follows me, be sure to tune in. And yeah, it'd be great if you were to follow me. I can update a new story at any time, so make sure you don't miss it (that is, if you do read it)!

Stories on Bench (Been written, in my mind, ideas which come to me once a blue moon, not posted yet)

•) A Lot. Like, a crazy lot lot. Michael Penã style Lot. (Great guy btw, check out his movies and if you got the time, watch the Ant Man movies, atleast for the sake of this guy. He's crazy funny)

Work In Progress. Do not take the alternate route of the back button, rather, read these quotes below.

Quotes :-

The truth is just a matter of circumstance. It's not the same for different people, times and situations. - Natasha Romanoff, Captain America : The Winter Soldier.

There is nothing more beautiful and terryfing than innocence. - Concordia, Pokémon Black/White, N's Castle.

You don't need to be a superhero to get the right girl. The right girl brings out the superhero in you. - Wade Wilson, Deadpool.

MAXIMUM EFFORT! - Wade Wilson (Deadpool), Deadpool.

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