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So these are some things I low key pretend did not happen during and after the storyline. I know every fan has their own things they're probably like "Kishimoto, sir, did you think this through when you wrote it?":

1. Hyuga Neji’s death: Hinata trying to sacrifice herself for Naruto AGAIN was poor writing. When dramatized rescue scenes are reused in any plot for the SAME character, I cringe. If you’re fast enough to jump in front of someone on the battlefield who also jumped in front of another, you’re fast enough to move them out of harms way.

2. Canon Sasuke being gone for like 12 years: Come on! He’s a part of his family’s life. He can literally teleport to different dimensions. I’m sure he can teleport in for dinner now and again. Or come home from deployment like every 6 months just as any regular military man would.

3. Sakura’s confession to Naruto: -gags- literally the most cringe writing I’ve ever seen for a female character created by a man since Hemingway’s Catherine Barkley from A Farewell to Arms.

4. Sasuke and Sakura not having a family picture: someone on the writing team really thought that would be a clever plot point??? Y'all know Sakura would have like five family albums and is working on number six.

5. Hokage Naruto being overworked: busy because of work? Okay. Very manly and devoted. Wonderful. But it’s so uncool and unattractive when you work TOO MUCH to maintain a village and yet your family is falling apart? Nope. That is unrealistic for a character like Naruto or a great village like Konoha. A real man who is good and true first maintains his family and when his household is good, then he is able to run a smooth operation because there is peace at home. Also: you have a LITERAL shinobi army at your disposal you can use to organize programs and delegate work to administrative-minded people. And genin to carry heavy boxes for old people. A real leader knows how to delegate.

6. Boruto the manga/anime: yeah that's about it. Manga/show is meh. Not a fan. I tried but stopped reading/watching. Naruto epilogue is as far as my fandom goes. My FanFiction will always reflect that.

7. Tsunade over-aging: I get that she’ll look her age after using her powers too much but I don’t know why she gets SO OLD when she should just look the same age as Orochimaru and Jiraiya lol I mean, has Kishimoto never seen a woman in her fifties?! He's Japanese for crying out loud.

8. Hidan and Kakuzu fight: Ino and Choji being so useless and getting in the way of Kakashi's full strength potential! So lame. (Kakashi STAYS protecting everyone every time we get a chance to see him battle). Let's pretend Ino and Choji were either NOT there or were actually useful.

9. Kakashi wifeless and childless: this is a man who was dealt great loss and betrayal. But everyone else gets love and kids? No! So of course I wrote a fic for him ;)

10. Heroization of Itachi: Yes, he did ‘single handedly prevent civil war’ but he himself admitted he shouldn’t have shouldered the burden alone. He made a mistake. But then he helped with the last war, turning the tide, which is great. Still, slaughtering an entire clan is essentially genocide, which is a ‘war crime’ in our world. Yes, he was somewhat manipulated at a young age, and he was probably filled with a lot of fear (which never ends well for anybody when making big decisions). Despite all this, I think anyone aware of his crimes should not see him as a ‘hero.’ He should be regarded with variations of suspicion, confusion, disgust, empathy, and maybe even pity. But he's definitely not a hero. So I wrote a fanfiction exploring the idea of him coming back 19 years after the war and what that looks like.

11. Fillers XD

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