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Comments: Wow. Thirteen years since I last posted anything on here, and so much has changed.

Three Hearts As One is the first story I've finished in almost forever (read: three years). Where before I used to write a lot of dark-ish what-ifs, now I find it's the crack that motivates me to write. A snippet here, a comment there, and suddenly I'm pulling an all-nighter writing my first complete-ish story in what seems like forever. I guess it's true: you never really stop being a writer; rather, you just go on hiatus for a bit. The stories may change, but the Muse is always somewhere, lurking, ready to hit you over the head with a Plot Device.

It's going to be a challenge continuing Three Hearts. I've not had a good track record with multi-chapter stories. I hope to give it a good try, though, and hope those of you watching and reading will enjoy the reading as much as I enjoy the writing.

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