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Hi, it's lexi! I'm mostly here for the SYOTs, but I'm also in Ravenpuff, District Four, and Amity. My pronouns are she/her, I'm a Taurus, Sagittarius Ascendant, Tidemaker,

Rainwing, True Neutral, Hunter of Artemis, INFP (Mediator), phlegmatic, 932, 9w1, and my Chinese Zodiac is a doggo.

Hey guys! I'm doing a collab with AuroraMiri25 called Happily Ever After. the tribute form and rules are listed below! (the form looks lengthy but most of it is optional) If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or DM on discord (sufficientlysophie#0256)


1. Please be respectful to the authors. Know that when you submit you're giving us the right to your character and we may ask you to change some things.

When you submit, you should be aware that your character will most likely die

2. Please don't vanish after you submit. We'd love to hear from you and know that you're reading once in a while!

If you're busy, that's totally fine, but please leave some sort of review or even a PM once in a while.

3. Please don't submit any Mary Sues or clichés. It's not fun to write or read. If you need help coming up with a character, that's totally understandable!

You're more than welcome to ask for help or even co-create a Tribute if you so desire.

4. If you have anything on your form that you think would be triggering, please include a warning, or even message us in advance to see if it's okay.

Also, please make sure to stay within the rating of this fic.

5. Send forms through PM or Discord message to either me or Miri (AuroraMiri25 on FF.) No review submissions

6. We reserve the right to deny any Tributes that don't fit the story. The due date is July 18th, but extensions can be offered.

This is also a partial SYOT; we'll be accepting twelve tributes or maybe a few more if we get a lot of submissions, but we won't be accepting the full twenty-four.

However, feel free to submit to any spot you like!


Full Name:

Nicknames (How often are they used? What do they prefer to be called? And, if you so desire, let us know how it originated!):


Gender and Preferred Pronouns:


Reaped/Volunteered (If volunteered, why? If Reaped, what's their reaction?):

Appearance (What's their vibe? Include all important characteristics of their appearance):


Triggers: (If there is any triggering content in the backstory, personality, etc., please put the warnings here! If not, leave it blank)

Personality (who are they? What do they want?):

Mental Strengths and Weaknesses (Make sure you have an equal number!):

Greatest Wish:

Backstory (Any events that shaped them or that you'd like us to include. You can be as detailed as you want, or you can do a bulleted list, whichever you prefer):

Family, Friends and Other Relationships (Include any important relationships here, as well as how they treat your Tribute and how your Tribute feels about them.):

Strategy (Both in and out of the arena: Will they make allies? Try to seem weaker than they really are? Win over the Capitol? try to cram in as much knowledge as they can? Hide? Run? Set traps?):

Random Object (That would conceivably exist in Panem; this can be anything you want, just list it for reasons we'll reveal later!):

Do they believe in magic?:

Optional Section (You can fill out as many or as little of these as you want!):

Theme Song:

Quote (Something that sums them up or that matches their vibe!):

Random Trivia:

Speech Patterns (What does their voice sound like? How do they speak?):

MBTI Personality Type:

Fight or Flight Instinct:

Weapon of Choice:

Opinion on the Capitol and Games:


Darkest Secret:

Would they sacrifice themselves for a friend?

If they knew a friend's significant other was cheating on them, what would they say or do?

Which of the seven deadly sins most strongly exemplifies them? (Or basically what's their biggest weakness, their fatal flaw? You can choose from the seven or be more original, whichever you prefer. And if they aren't any of them, what's their fatal flaw?):

What do they think of good and evil? (Do they think the world is good, evil or somewhere in-between? Do they see things as black-and-white or more gray? What do they consider 'evil or 'good?'):

Morals and Beliefs:

Hobbies (What do they like to do in their free time?):

Do they think that they’re a good person?

Anything Else (Here you can include anything we missed or that you feel we should know.):

Tribute List:

D1F: 1 sub

D1M: 1 sub

D2F: 1 sub



D3M: 1 sub

D4F: 1 sub

D4M: reserved


D5M: 1 sub

D6F: 1 sub

D6M: 1 sub

D7F: reserved




D9F: 1 sub

D9M: reserved

D10F: 1 sub

D10M: reserved

D11F: 1 sub

D11M: 1 sub

D12F: 1 sub


Submitted tributes!

Not yet introduced:

the heartbroken runaway: Cendia Farro (21), District 9 C (The Temple of Empires: Book One- Elevate by david12341)

sweet little thing: Elizabeth (Liza) Faraway (13), District Seven Female (Prices we pay - The Fifth Quarter Quell by SubduedHue)

my little vicious newspaper girl: Erida Diaz-Marquee (16), District Eight Female (Rashomon: The 124th Hunger Games by CozenCraze)

just wants to be appreciated: Kaladia Wintros (15), District Seven Female (Sunrise over Shipwrecks: the 170th Games by MeTheFanatic19)

always in first place: Acacia Genhart (18), District Four Female (Acta Sanctorum: 4th Quell Revisited (SYOT) by Little Knight Mik)

trying so hard: Ekati Llor (17), District Six Female (Choir Eternal: the 25th Hunger Games by apotelesma04)

named after a sheep: Ewela Marquee (14), District Ten Female (Choir Eternal: the 25th Hunger Games by apotelesma04)

in it for the collectibles: Karakaxa 'Karrie' Cataline (16), Capitolite Female (The Saturn Games by Monolumi)

this close to snapping: Miri Sunburst (17), Capitolite Female (The Saturn Games by Monolumi)

sweet lil filler tribute: Olla Archavsky (15), District Seven Female (Semper Idem by ladyqueerfoot)


destined to win: Ametrine Margaritum (18), District One Female (Withered Hope: The 24th Annual Hunger Games by tracelynn)

little thief: Loretta Kavanagh (14), District Eleven Female (The 99th Hunger Games: Heir by Reign of Winter)

outshone: Nera Abbadelli (17), District Ten Female (The 99th Hunger Games: Heir by Reign of Winter)

COPD out: Sonya Starling (14), District Eleven Female (Renegades: The 151st Hunger Games by TheEngineeringGames)

silently judging you: Pontiki Aror (17), District Five Female (Sweet Dreams: the 138th Hunger Games by Aemma Arryn)

just wants to read: Jark Faraguetti, (14), District Five Male (Of the Same Cloth by itsjustanotherwriter02)

kinda boring tbh: Vivian Darnell, (16), District Five Female (Of the Same Cloth by itsjustanotherwriter02)

In the Arena:



axed in the chest, 16th: Sasha Macedon (18), District Eleven Female (Silva Mortis: The 80th Hunger Games by fiona11303)

Thank you to everyone who accepted a tribute!

(if your tribute isn't on here, please let me know! I don't take them off unless the story has officially been discontinued or deleted)

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