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I've been reading (okay fine, devouring) fan fiction for about a year, especially of the Skip Beat! variety. I finally decided to stop being a secret reader and make a profile so i can properly appreciate all the hard work of the creative people bringing me such joy and entertainment! My deepest apologies for not doing this sooner, you all definitely deserve it. I'm also pretty excited for update alerts so I don't have to keep looking up my favorite authors and stories from google manually!

I love long stories with a lot if character development; also especially fond of AU stories with new settings, unusual approaches, and fantasy/magic adaptations with favorite characters.

I haven't ever written fiction, and currently have no plans to do so. I do read a lot though, so please feel free to reach out for feedback. It feels a little rude for me to offer so I probably won't on my own accord, but I'm always willing!

Oh, did you want to know about me as a human? That feels weird. I guess I can share that I'm a teacher, yogi, and lover of sunshine, animals, and nature.

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