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Micah Rodney PM
Joined Jun '07

Real Name: Micah Rodney

Former Pen Name: Jason Tandro, FearAddict

Sex: Male

Relationship Status: Divorced, one child.

Age: Old enough to know what death looks like.

Zodiac Sign: The only time the stars will control my destiny is when the sun explodes.

Weight: Too much for my height.

Height: Too short for my weight.

Blood Type: AB, wait why do you need to know? No I don't want to get in that bath tub full of ice, what are you on about? Is that a hacksaw?

Country of Origin: The United States, currently scouting emigration opportunities.

Religion: Agnostic Buddhist, or to put it another way, an indecisive prick.

Occupation: Night Auditor at a hotel. I try not to fall asleep. Sometimes I put numbers from one form into another form.

Name Change: So I've been using the Jason Tandro pen name, as well as a few others, for a while now, but as I put myself out there more, I decided it was time to just start putting one name to my work. So I've switched this account to reflect my real name, as I mean to do with my creepypasta writing. I still use JT as a net handle in some places, but as for my art, well I've decided to change things up.

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