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25 September 16

A few notes:

Fanfiction: For me, and the writers of fanfic I know, this is an act of love, pure and simple. It is not something we do for money or even accolades. We do this because we love the show/movie and the characters that inhabit that world. I believe because we are bound together by this love, we can be a little more lenient with ourselves and other writers. We can take chances with styles or storylines, it doesn’t have to be letter perfect or comparable with the great works of literature. I believe fanfic should be a safe place for people to learn the craft of writing and hone their skills in a supportive environment.

Canon: Canon is the show/movie as it exists on the screen, it does not include the expanded universe of tie-in books, paratexts, nor does it include actor/writer/creator interviews and/or guest appearances on TV or at conventions. When I started writing fanfiction many years ago, the definition was very clear for canon, it was only what appeared on the screen. Interviews and other actor/writer/creator comments were not easily available in the days before the net. When I write, I stick to this definition of canon. In fact, for many shows, I know absolutely nothing about the off-screen actor that plays a favorite character. I don’t need to know the actor to love the character, or write about the character.

Interpretation of canon: We see the world colored by own experiences, and this includes how we perceive a fictional storyline and characters. Entire university programs are dedicated to the interpretation of canon and, were canon a fixed Truth, I know several PhDs that would not have their doctorate. We all see different things as important within the context of our show/movie, even things that would seem concrete are often open to debate. What one person sees as a major motivation may not even be noticed by another person with more than a passing glance. There is no single, objective Truth within canon and castigating a writer because their interpretation does not fit with yours is not productive or using “critical” reviewing skills.

I promise to keep writing. I have a few plot bunnies that have been lurking in the dark corner of my room and they are rustling around and making noises, so I suspect they want to find their way out and onto the page. I have had a few challenges (some I cover in my fic) over the last few years that have made writing harder than it once was, I continue to poke away and hopefully things will be finished and other things shared.

As I sit here contemplating the Danish language edition of my novel, The Sail Weaver, I think about how much fanfic and this community means to me. I love fanfiction, I think it's one of the most amazing things ever invented. I love playing in other people's worlds, and I love reading the stories other people have produced in my worlds. Once again, and I know I have said this so many times, thank you all for being out there. If I could bake a pie, cookies and cake and throw a party and invite you all, I would.

I still marvel at moments when fic brought me comfort in an ER, or alone in the dark of night, or as I battled my way through this new challenge I am face with. I still remember a very startling moment when, in pain, frightened in an Emergency Room, talking to my nurse and discovering she was not only a fan of Supernatural but was reading one of my stories at the time! It gave me a sense of family and security that I cannot even begin to describe.

I can't thank you enough for letting me share my writing with you. I know I am slow with replies to reviews, but that does not ever mean I do not cherish each word. I am honored that you let me share my words with you, and so thankful that you enjoy my stories, odd though some may be. There are more stories, some that need finishing, some that still need telling. I am anxious to share them all! Thank you all for sticking with me, for waiting patiently, for everything over these past years.

I promise to keep writing. I have a few plot bunnies that have been lurking in the dark corner of my room and they are rustling around and making noises, so I suspect they want to find their way out and onto the page.

In case you are reading my stuff for the first time, please know that I do not write Death Fic(even if things look very grim, I promise, promise they won't die! Or if it looks like they have, they will be back in body and not just spirit, I promise!) I also do not write Wincest or Destiel.

I know there are people out there who do not agree with some of my stories, my characterization or particular incidents. I understand completely. We all see characters differently. Where I might be able to say I know Galen Emrys better than most people (LOL) I won't deny we all have a differing perspective. That said, however-- If you are going to post a negative review do not hide behind anonymity. I will delete unsigned reviews of this type. You have your say, but I get mine too. If you feel strongly enough to post a review, have the guts to put your name on it. I have my name on the top of the story, so please sign your review!

I would like to offer a special and huge huge hug to Merisha, Abni, Infinite Shadow and TraSan. Four amazing women who have put up with me through every word I've written, encouraged me and smacked me around when needed. Special hugs go out to lunasgathering for her calm wisdom, Nana56 and Manavie for encouragement and heather03nmg for u-turns.

Hugs, Muffy

As some of you know (After reading my fic Multim in Parvo) I have been diagnoses with gastroparesis and esophageal motility disorders. I encourage you to take a moment an learn more about GP, the more awareness, the more chance we have of getting research that leads to a cure, not just bandaids on the wound. For more info go to the Gastroparesis Awareness Fund or G-Pact

About me: I currently live and work in the Pacific Northwest. I have been a writer off and on for most of my adult life.

I am a Master Herbalist with a specialty in European herbalism and Dark Ages medicine. Along with that study comes a vast knowledge of herbal charms, magic and all the other things that used to be a part of medicine. I am more than happy to help anyone with information/spells/charms or herbal medicine. Please feel free to email me and ask. I also have a pretty good grasp of Native American Medicine (and lived on the Res for many years)


You can find my novels at Amazon and other online retailers, they are all available from Kindle!

The Sail Weaver is a new series, a mix of science fiction and fantasy. Tristan is the most talented Weaver the Guild has produced. Since he was a child and started his training to become a Weaver of the great sails of the Navy’s galactic ships, he’s had no idea what fate had planned for him. Then came the Winged Victory,the largest ship ever built, and he is given the task of Weaving her magical sails.

With a unique bond and friendship with the Dragon Fenfyr and in the face of hostile politics, prejudice and the threat of invasion by a horrifying enemy known as the Vermin, Tristan sets out on an unexpected adventure and discovers all is not as it seems. There are forces who want to win against the Vermin no matter what the cost. Struggling against enemies from within and without, Tristan and his companions fight to save the Winged Victory and the last hope of survival for humanity.

The Custodes Noctis Series

The Journey, is a novella within the Custodes Noctis series and tells Rob's story up to the beginning of the Legacy.

The Summoning, novel 2.5 in the Custodes Noctis series is now available on Amazon dot com for the low low exciting price of 99 cents!

My second novel, The Hunt is now available at Amazon, other online retailers and independent bookstores. It is the second in the Custodes Noctis series, a sequel to The Legacy

The amazing Manavie made a video to go with When Last I Cried. It's up on YouTube:


Wish as I might, I do not own the Brilliant BBC Sherlock

I sadly do not own anything Supernatural. I am just stopping by to play.

I do own the Custodes Noctis

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