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I love music and I play the flute and the piano though not that much anymore but i should. I like school unless it is tests/quizzes/exams or when I have to hand in projects... my favorite subjects in school are music, math (somewhat) and History (somewhat)...

My Favorite Anime/Manga fanfiction are the crossover: Yu Yu Hakusho/Inuyasha, and Inuyasha/Naruto and Naruto, Inuyasha, Winx Club, and Cardcaptor Sakura

My Favourite Musicals are: AIDA, The Sound of Music and Les Miserables

I like American Dragon: Jake Long somewhat... I love Jake and Rose because they are so cute together and I don't like anyone else with Jake and Rose except those two together!!

I like Harry Potter somewhat probably ones that don't go along the time line (actually they do only changing a thing or more or they don't even follow at all). I also like where Harry has a twin and they choose the wrong one, has many siblings, a different dimension, where harry is a girl, or where Harry is a different people and he doesn't exist at all like he was born a twin of Draco or something...My favorite pairings would be everyone with femHarry except ron, any girls and anyone around dumbledore's age, Harry/Daphne, Harry/Hermione (somewhat)...I don't mind boy/boy or girl/girl as long as femHarry isn't in that relationship and I don't mind Harems that much so Harry can be a female and have two boys with her or it can be if Harry is a boys with a lot of girls...I don't care that much

I guess I like Glee as well since my friend got me hook on Glee. I guess I like all non-pairings stories with Rachel being with someone else like Mike ot Matt etc

I guess I like stories where the main character is with someone that isn't there regular pairing like Inuyasha/Kagome (not a big fan on them, anyway...)

so anyone that knows a good story of these send me a message

anyone know this story

this is a harry potter fanfiction on and i cant seem to find it and i cant remember where i found it or who wrote it. i remember some parts of it so i wrote them down and i hope someone knows this story...

harry has a twin

everyone think the twin is the BWL.

his twin got some memories of harry from the Weasleys and Hermione since Dumbledore convinced them to give some memories.

james watches the memories.

snape is a mentor to harry

his Patronum is something after snape (james couldnt belive it- his heartclenched and thought that it should have been a stag or something else not a bat)

remembers james shouting happiness since snape dead

remembers the goblet of fire- the 3rd task-he is tied up and snape said that he switched wands

remembers the twin being pulled out of hogwarts and he wasnt since he is always ignored

james watches the part b4 the wedding of harry and ginny

arthur gave harry something that mollys brother had (harry should have gotten some rings since he is the heir from james)

the end- james couldnt bare to watch the rest and he is sorry for what happen to the relationship between the two of them or something like that

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