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Reading Harry Potter fanfiction has recently become my favorite hobby.

Fav pairing :

1. Harry/Daphne - Upholding the sorting hat's stance on house unity and stuff

2. Harry/Susan - Some of the cutest and fluffiest stories I've read.

3. Harry/Fleur - Adds an interesting flavor to the whole thing.

Basically, any relation except Harry/Ginny or Harry/Hermione, I will have a lovely read.

Personally, I can't seem to relate to any H/Hr stories. To me, she comes off as overbearing to a point that it becomes irritating and I can't imagine Harry, being the meek kid he is, falling for someone like that.

Love stories where Sirius survives as well. Can't get enough any House of Black stories. If you find any got story that might fit my likings, please feel free to PM me. I'll be more than grateful.

-- 24/05/20--

I've recently lost my muse for the Rebirth story. I read a beautiful HONKS fic (The Life I've Lived) and it made me realize that my fic was totally an amalgamation of the ideas of others and in no shape or form something of my own. So, I am really sorry if you feel disappointed with that. I promise though, that I will soon upload something I fell proud to share with you all.

-- 20/06/20 --

A Place to Call Home is something I had thought of before but recently put to words. Check it out. Once my uni semester finishes in a couple of days, I'll try and get out weekly updates. Till then, enjoy the first few chapters I have already written.

Cheers !!

-- 25/06/20 --

Credits for the image for A Place to Call Home go to silverfan on tumblr. I found the image on pinterest and can I just say, It is super adorable

-- 15/07/20 --

Another idea, another story. Venom and Tears is up. It's still in planning stages for the latter part of the plot but the initial I have in works, so the updates are in the pipeline. Have fun reading and let me know how you feel.

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