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Fic OTPs
1.) Castle/Beckett
2.) Lois/Clark
3.) Katniss/Peeta
4.) Jack/Irina
5.) Ron/Hermione

Fic Fandoms
1.) Castle
2.) Superman mythos
3.) The Hunger Games Trilogy
4.) Alias
5.) Harry Potter

"Yes, I do it all for the multitude. But when I save lives, or fight for the weak, I'm saving one life, fighting for one person -- again, and again, and again. (beat) It's her -- don't you see? She represents all of them -- their hopes, their fragility, their passion. And if I ever feel like no matter how much I do, it's not enough, I think of Lois. And then, I'm off, faster than a speeding bullet to be Earth's champion... but always hers first." -- Superman Lives

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