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What began with Sherlock Holmes...

Blame it on a book I bought for 1.50 at a flea market almost two years ago. I did it on a whim, really. This red book, a somewhat used but flipping amazing collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, sparked not only my SH obsession but also my first foray into the realm of fanfiction. I devoured everything Holmes in one summer, much to my parents' chagrin, who could never get me to put the books down and actually go to bed.

Then blame it on a movie I saw in my high school French class that introduced me to the world of the Scarlet Pimpernel and the dashing Percy Blakeney. His stories came later, but now I write for his fandom, too.

I've written for other fandoms as the inspiration strikes, but lo! the prodigal author returns to her first fandom, SH, with a new story she hopes to publish soon.

But until then, feel free to hang out here and browse through the stories below. I have removed some old stories that over time have become rather painful to reread in light of my now more mature writing style, but nonetheless, they got me started.

(I have transferred over a few fics to AO3 under my tumblr username, ladyhistory, so if you find the stories elsewhere, there's no plagiarism involved there!)

As always, happy writing!

Sherlockian Girl

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