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Right, so, uh, I just started writing fanfiction, but if you can't tell, I like to write normally on my own. At one point I had thirty-five complete OC stories on a school google drive, but I moved and they all disappeared. :(

I am an avid reader, but my current resources amount to reading new stuff on the web, which, either costs money or you have to know exactly what you're looking for, so you can't just browse. If you've got any good suggestions, PM me.

I like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, along with a lot of Rick Riordan's other work.

I've got other fics on my phone, but they aren't ready for me to publish and if I did they'd be hard to keep up with until one of the ones I've got now is done.


Harry x Hermione:

It specifically says in canon that Harry was punished for doing better than Dudley, so we know he is a lot smarter than he acts. Then he met Ron, his first friend his age, and didn't study so he could keep him. I think without Ron, Harry and Hermione would've made a great couple.

Ron x Hermione.

Nope. Just NO. The only thing they have in common is Harry and being magical. I mean, Ron bullied her. He hated her cat, ruined her first date, nearly got her killed (troll).

Harry X Ginny

Also NO. She looks like his mother, for Christ's sake!

Harry X Luna

Maybe. She would draw out his uniqueness as a person, and never saw him as the BWL, which I think is a big part of any relationship Harry gets into. She's quite attractive, and their relationship would keep Harry on his toes.

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