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Nothing much to say. I like to read fanfiction, and have attempted to write some myself. If you also like some of the work I have favorited, wanna drop a line and suggest some stories like them? :)

I'm not one to have profiles filled out with information, for several reasons. 1. They give creepy stalker people information about you, and 2. I kinda feel like it is bragging of a sort. I feel uncomfortable bragging... So when I do brag, it's cause I'm happy! Not because I want to shove it in peoples face.

A story I am slowly writing, started as a fanfiction, but morphed into my own original story. Yes I have been influenced by other's works, but aren't we all?
I may end up posting it to Dokuga or something as it's an original, not fanfiction...

Anyway! Enjoy your time on!

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