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I'm here for the HA! stuff.

I was a huge fan as a kid, and always wanted TJM to happen. Was stoked to hear that it was in production, but I didn't get around to watching it until Feb 2020. Whack, I know. I thought I was gonna watch it and be done with it, but I found myself deeply thinking about the movie and the series as a whole. I watched the movie again the very next day. Craving more, I stumbled upon, and I've been reading every decent piece of HA! fanfic ever since.

Btw, this is an amazing fandom. I express deep gratitude to all the artists and writers who have kept the greatness of HA! alive.

After reading HA! fanfic for months, ideas of my own started floating around in my head. I participated in Shortaki Week 2020, and I've been slowly writing more stuff since.

Posted and updating:

- Living Like Pookie: Inspired by @shortakitrash and their Day 4 artwork from Shortaki Week. It's an AU where Arnold is the one madly in love with Helga. In this slow burn series, Arnold's personality takes after Grandma's, so he gets into tons of shenanigans.

Working on and haven't posted yet:

- Beaned from Arnold's POV: Inspired by tumblr's @187footballheads's drawing from the Beaned episode. It explores what happens after Arnold puts Helga to bed. What does he discover about the Pataki's in the time he waits for Miriam to come home?

Here are some other ideas I have written down, but haven't started writing yet. I really enjoy working on stories that could fit right into the original series:

- In the episode Grandpa Graduates, Phil becomes Arnold's classmate. What happens when Phil gets to know Helga a bit? This one-shot would be a conversation between the two of them discussing her rather obvious crush on his grandson.

- In the episode Helga's Parrot, Helga crashes through the ceiling of Arnold's kitchen, landing on the boarding house table while Phil and Pookie are eating breakfast. This one-shot would describe Phil and Pookie's POV.

- In the episode Phoebe Skips, Helga has a list of people whom she's trying to recruit to be her new best friend. We see a few of those attempts, but not all. What would those failures look like?

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