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Hey, I'm Jack!

Yeah, I'm a chick, dude.

The way I spell my full name does not actually include the letter 'k'.

I write.

I read.

I act.

I am.

My favorite show is Supernatural...

Followed by Are you Afraid of the Dark,


and Antique Road show (yeah, I know).

I've always been full on OBSESSED over Supernatural.

My other current obsession includes The Dark Knight.

I've seen it five(now, its more like sixty times-friends house, pirating IS bad-whistling) times...


(Yes, I do know I have a problem...And I LOVE it! :D )

Much of my life revolves around music.

I enjoy things that blow up.

I have a collection of collections (including rocks, sand, ashes (NOT human), shells, bouncy balls, knives, unique shoes, and Asian artifacts and antiques...for starters.)

On A Side Note:-I also collect lost things...for example-I have a puzzle piece(just one) and a playing card(six of spades) in my wallet right now, both of which I found in parking lots or on the street/sidewalk.

My holidays are (in this order): Halloween, Fourth of July, and Christmas.

I am quite knowledgeable on things of the occult nature.

I love and study urban legends and supernatural phenomena and am training to be a licensed PI(Paranormal Investigator).

I am a student at college and work as an actress.

I have my own philosophy (On EV-ER-Y-TH-I-NG!).

I would love for you to read one of my stories if I ever get them on here. : )

Don't be scared to talk to me, write me in a review if you want my IM-or you can message me to ask for it! I have AIM! :)


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