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Current Projects:

Ben 10: Reincario: A Ben 10/Pokémon crossover.

Nearly 15 years after sacrificing himself to save the Tree of Beginning from its untimely end, Lucario's destiny changes upon meeting a mysterious Professor. Now on a brand new world with creatures of every shape and size, Lucario works alongside the hero of the universe, Ben Tennyson, to protect the innocent and fight against powerful villains, both old and new.

Kir-Ben 10: Poyo Force!: A Ben 10/Kirby crossover.

The young Star Warrior Kirby ends up crash landing on a planet called Earth due to the forces of the evil Nightmare. Found by the Omnitrix wielder Ben Tennyson and his date Julie, he becomes the couple's unofficial son. However, with the threat of the Highbreed and Nightmare drawing near, they, alongside the mysterious Meta Knight, must fight them to save the universe from evil.

Roller Brawl: The Mega Cyborg: A remake/continuation of Xandyflare's Sole Survivor/Healing Wounds fic series. A Mega Man (Archie Comics)/Skylanders crossover.

When Kaos succeeds in eating the sky, Roller Brawl ends up thrown to a new world. Found fatally wounded by Rock Light, she is rebuilt as DLN-00C and Dr. Light's first cyborg. In spite of her pain, Roller Brawl resolves to be a hero. Now, she fights the forces of mad scientist Dr. Wily alongside Rock, aka Mega Man, for everlasting peace! A tale of family and action awaits!

Skylandersona: Phantom Thieves Vs. Dark Stygian: A Skylanders/Persona 5 crossover.

When a gang of dream terrorists called the Dark Stygian escape, they flee from Skylands to a new world. With no other options, the Dark Skylander Blackout follows them to a strange new world, and has to work with a group of young vigilantes used to entering worlds forged by the collective minds of others. As for the Dark Stygian, they'll never see it coming ... when Darkness Falls!

Ben 10: Futo Adventures: A Ben 10/Kamen Rider W crossover. Adopted from BigbyTheBigBadWolf.

Ben Tennyson has come to the city of Futo thanks to a mysterious tip. Seeking out the Narumi Detective Agency, he ends up joining forces with the two-in-one detective against those who would make the city cry. Now, count up your sins because it's Hero Time!

Future Projects:

Class 77: Skylands' Ultimate Portal Masters: A Skylanders/Danganronpa crossover.

After finishing their finals, Class 77 find themselves discovering figurines that end up taking them to the magical world of Skylands, and find themselves the masters of the land's greatest heroes, the Skylanders. However, with the power hungry Kaos seeking to rule it and other worlds, they must rebuild the Core of Light to stop Kaos from ruling Skylands and coming for Earth.

RWBY: Reincarnation and Redemption: A RWBY/TBR/TBR/TBR/TBR crossover.

Four souls, seeking atonement and a new chance, find themselves on a brand new world: one plagued by dark forces bent on making humans extinct. Given a second chance at life, these souls now work alongside a talented octet of teens to stop them, but this fight will be one never seen on their new home: one that will determine its ultimate fate of salvation or armageddon.

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