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Name: No way I'm telling you

Age: 21

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About Me: I am a horrible writer. I have a bunch of ideas but I never seem to be able to put them down on paper.

Favorite Color: Black and Green

Favorite Food: Anything Edible

Favorite Animal: Fox or Cat

Likes: Anime, Manga, Computers, XBOX Live, Reading, Amtgard, Perfect World

Dislikes: People who delete his/her stories for no reason, People who try to impose their beliefs on others,

Favorite Anime: FLCL, Black Lagoon,

Favorite Manga: iD_ENTITY (Yureka), History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Id

Favorite Art Style: Manhwa

Favorite Book: The Dresden Files series

XBOX Live Gamertag: Roto_Aybara

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Story Ideas: (Anyone is welcome to use any of these ideas but just ask me first. And if you do use one of these just make sure to mention me.)

The Hyuuga Twins: (Naruto) What if Hinata and Hanabi were twins? Hinata is in love with Naruto but he's clueless. Naruto is in love with Hanabi but she's clueless. All the while Naruto is training with Jiraiya. Hanabi/Naruto

Zabuza Uzumaki: (Naruto) When Kushina and Zabuza were children, the two siblings, sad by the fact that they have no clan name, decided to create their own clan name. Kushina chose Uzumaki and Zabuza chose Momochi. They were soon parted however with Zabuza heading to Mist to become a ninja, and Kushina heading to Whirlpool to escape the war and strife that was ever present in Water Country. Three years after they parted ways, however, Whirlpool was destroyed by Iwa nins. Sadened by the belief that his sister had died, Zabuza focuses his entire being on being the best shinobi he can be. Twenty-five years later, while be hired by Gatou to kill Tazuna, he discovers that his sister had survived the destruction of Whirlpool when he meets his sister's son. How will Naruto/Zabuza react to the knowledge that they have a nephew/uncle. And how will Zabuza's adopted daughter, Haku, react to the fact that she has a cousin. Naruro/Kin Haku/Gaara (This story idea has been adopted by XxDarkSarcasm1010xX)

The Cloud Prince: (Naruto) What if Cloud never tried to kidnap Hinata? Instead they try to set up an arranged marraige with the Raikage's grandaughter who happens to be Yugito. What if Sarutobe chose Naruto to be sent to Cloud to marry Yugito? Watch as Naruto grows up as a Cloud nin. Naruto/Yugito

Ichibi Chan: (Naruto) After Gaara is beaten by Naruto during the Chunin Exams, she starts to fall in love with our favorite blond jinchuriku. Having not felt love since the death of Yashamaru, she has no idea how to deal with being in love or how to act. Confused about these new feelings, she decides to just keep quiet. Unfortanatly or fortunatly (depending how you look at it) all these new feeling come to bear after she helps out during the Sasuke retrieval mission. Also no one knows that Gaara is a girl. Naruto/Fem. Gaara (This story idea has been adopted by c.banker)

Aqua Fox: (Naruto) Naruto flees Konoha at the age of 6 after a brutal beating and meets Kyuubi. What if the Kyuubi, realizing that he could never be free, decides to make Naruto his apprentice. Naruto heads to Ocean Country where he meets Isirabi. After spending some time together, Isirabi decides to leave with Naruto. What if Naruto meets up with Tsunade and trains with him for a while? Watch as romance begins to blossom. Naruto/Isirabi

A Fox's Mindscape: (Naruto) As a little girl Ino was always told by her father to never try and go into Naruto's mindsape. Now years later Ino is ordered by Tsunade to go into his mindscape after the Sasuke retrieval mission in order to find out whether or not he is mentally stable. Watch as she sees in there saddens, affects, and influences her. Watch as she begins to develop a bond to the blond boy. Naruto/Ino (This story idea has been adopted by wolfrun1)

Coyote Of The Forest: (Naruto) According to Native American Lore, coyotes have always been tricksters and pranksters. What if during one of his better pranks, Naruto caught the eye of the coyote summoning clan? Impressed by his antics, the coyote clan decides to give a test. That test being (insert amazing and extremely difficult prank here), and after completeing said test, Naruto is awarded with the Coyote Summoning Contract and becomes the first person in centuries to be able to summon coyotes. After signing the contract Naruto gains the ability to shapeshift into any shape or form. Naruto/Temari (This story idea has been adopted by cyrusII)

Inari Uchiha: (Naruto) When Itachi fled Konoha, he made his way to Wave Country. There he met Tsunami and the two fell in love. When Tsunami gets pregnant, Itachi gets scared that someone might try to hurt her and thier baby to get to him, so he says goodbye to Wave Country. Later during the Wave arc Inari activates his sharingan when his mother is getting attacked by those two samarai. Naruto notices it, and after the battle on the bridge he tells Kakashi about it. When Team 7 here Tsunami's story, Sasuke tries to killl Inari and Tsunami but Kakashi stops him. He insists that Inari come to Konoha to become a ninja. And so Inari leaves for Konoha with Team 7, but before they go, Tsunami makes Naruto swear that he will protectt Inari while he is in Konoha. When they finally get to Konoha, the Saidaime has Inari move in with Naruto. When Inari starts at the Academy, Naruto introduces him to the Konohamaru corps. Naruto pulls Konohamaru aside and tells him to be Inari's friend no matter what. Meanwhile the council is going ballistic that Itachi had a son and that said son was in Konoha. Inari/Moegi Konohamaru/Hanabi

A Kitsune's Little Snake: (Naruto) What if Anko was Orochimaru's granddaughter and was Naruto's age? Both shunned for things they can't control, watch as they begin to become friends. Unfortunately for Iruka, they become the most feared pranking duo Konoha has ever seen. Watch as they get placed on the same genin team with Sasuke under Kakashi. What if they both secretly liked each other but were afraid of losing there friendship. Naruto/Anko (This story idea has been adopted by Final Sleeper)

Kyuubi No Nekomata: (Naruto) During Naruto's training trip with Jiraiya he meets Yugito. After getting to know each other, they begin to fall for each other. Watch as Yugito asks Naruto to move to Cloud and to her. It is Naruto's toughest decision but he eventually decides to go with her even though it meant leaving Konoha. Naruto/Yugito (This story idea has been adopted by DarkxPrince)

Unrequited Love: (Naruto) Naruto goes into a permenant coma at the age of seven after a really bad beating. The only person who can communicate with him is Inoichi Yamanaka (Ino's father). After two years, Inoichi brings his daughter into Naruto's mind with him. The two become friends and eventually more then that. But how can love survive when one is traped in an unending coma and the other is free to walk the earth? Naruto/Ino

Naruto Gekkou: (Naruto) Naruto is the son of Hayate Gekkou and Yugao Uzuki. Due to the stress of the Kyuubi attack, Yugao is forced into labor. I want to make it clear that Hayate and Yugao are both around 18 years old during the Kyuubi attack. Unfortunatly she passes out immediatly after and Hayate is off fighting the Kyuubi, so no one is there when Minato Namikaze (Yondaime Hokage) arrives in search of a newborn in order to seal the Kyuubi into it. Unfortunately Naruto was the only child born that day and the Yondaime grabs him and rushes off to the battlefield. During the sealling, a bit of the Yondaime's soul (not all of it, maybe about .1 of it) and Naruto's sould fuse causing Naruto's appearence to change mimicing the Yondaime's appearence (nothing else changes, just his appearence). Hours later, after the Saidaime arrived on the scene and retrieved Naruto, he was unable to find out his parentage due to the fact that the Kyuubi has destroyed the part of the hospital that contained all of the medical records, so he decided to name the infant Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto/Tenten

Vanished Without a Trace: (Naruto) While Naruto is training with Jiraiya, he runs into Yugito. Despite him being a Konoha shinobi and her being a Kumo shinobi, they hit it off. Over the course of the next several months, they encounter each other more and more,and each time their feelings of the other grows.Then one day while Jiraiya is off doing his "research", leaving Naruto to set up the camp, Yugito and Naruto meet again. Knowing that their two villages would never allow them to be together, they decide to elope. And when Jiraiya returns to the campsite all he finds is Naruto's headband along with a Kumo headband lying on the ground with Naruto nowhere to be found. Despite the best efforts of Konoha, Kumo, and Akatsuki, not a trace of Naruto or Yugito could be found. Seven years later, a group of bandits is mysteriously slaughtered and a group of Konoha shinobi is sent to investigate the surrounding villages in an attempt to find the cause. And during the mission they stumble upon the two jinchurki and their 4-5 year old daughter. Watch as the two jinchuriki try to survive the renewed efforts of Akatsuki while at the same time trying to avoid being pulled into the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Naruto/Yugito (This story idea has been adopted by GiovanniSama)

Behind Gilded Doors: (Naruto) What if the Saidaime wasn't as nice as everyone thought? When Orochimartu is framed by the Saidaime and Danzo for their own sick twisted experiments, he is forced to flee Konoha with his apprentice, Anko Mitarashi. The Saidaime only choose Minato Namikaze as Yondaime because he thought he could control him like a puppet, but when he found that he couldn't, he, along with Danzo and some of their allies on the council, summoned the Kyuubi to kill him. When the Yondaime died sealing the Kyuubi into Naruto making him a jinchuriki, the Saidaime was exstatic. Not only was his rival out of the way, but he also had a jinchuriki which he could turn into a powerful weapon. At least until one of Orochimaru's spies stole Naruto from the hospital a week later. Orochimaru, despite what one might think, loved kids; and when one of his spies presented him with a sleeping Naruto, his immediate thoughts were 'How cute'. When he learns of what Naruto contains, he decides to adopt him as his own child. Watch Naruto grow up with a loving father and in the safety of the Sound Village. Evil Saidaime, Good Orochimaru, Naruto/Kin or Naruto/Sasame

One Word Is All It Takes: (Naruto) When Temari was 7 her father, the Kazekage, took her on a diplomatic mission to Konoha. While she was there, she wandered off and met a deppressed 5 year old Naruto. She spent the remainder of the her stay in Konoha visiting him and talking to him until a sort of childhood crush/love thing formed between them. After she left, they wouldn't see each other for 7 years at the chunin exams. Little did she know, if she hadn't met Naruto when she did, he would've committed suicide. Even long after she had left, Naruto has never forgotten this. How will they react when they see each other again? Naruto/Temari

A World Without Ramen: (Naruto) What if Ichiraku Ramen never existed? How would Naruto grow up without the food, shelter, and love that it provided? He wouldn't be loud and obnoxious but instead be extremely shy (think Hinata) and slightly afraid of human contact. He would also be extremely underfed and malnourished. So much so that all his bones and ribs would be showing, making it look as if he was all skin and bones. In fact, he would wear his orange jumpsuit in order to hide the fact that he was all skin and bones. He thought he had no one in the world. At least not not until he meets an abused Haku during his mission to Wave Country. Haku would not be as loyal to Zabuza as she is in canon. She only stays with him out of fear. Watch as these two begin to open up to each other and the world around them. Naruto/Fem. Haku

The Sound Of Crying: (Naruto) Near the end of the second stage of the Chunnin Exams, before Team 7 runs into Kabuto, Naruto goes off to collect firewood and runs into a crying Kin Tsuchi. When he asks her what's wrong, she says that she is worthless, would never be a competent ninja, and that her teammates often berrate her (all in all she's feeling pretty emo). After hearing this, Naruto tries his best to cheer her up, and after 2 hours or trying, Kin is finally looking more cheerful and upbeat. Once Kin is finally feeling better, she gets up, says thanks you, gives Naruto a hug and runs off giggling. Slightly confused, Naruto heads back to the rest of the team. The exam then continuews as normal until the end of the preliminary for the third exam. Kin, after her defeat to Shikimaru, is fearing for her life because of Orochimaru's reputation for not tolerating failure. Terrified, she goes to the only person in Konoha that she feels she can trust, Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto/Kin

The Naruto Files: (Naruto/The Dresden Files Crossover) What if the Elemental Countries were a part of the Nevernever? An amatuer practitioner is trying to summon a powerful demon, and inadvertantly summons Naruto (due to the Kyuubi being sealed within him). Moments later, Wardens come across them. They kill the practioner for breaking the Fourth Law, and they free Naruto (this is Naruto after the timeskip). For some strange reason, they are unable to send him back. Unsure on what to do, the White Council decides to have him trained in magic so that he can fight in their war against the White, Red, and Black Courts of vampires. Ironically enough Harry Dresden is chosen to teach him. This takes place after Proven Guilty. Naruto/Molly

The Mistress Of Puppets: (Naruto) What if for some odd reason, Kankuro was born a girl? What if she was trained by Chiyo herself? What if her hood and warpaint made people not realize she was a girl? What if after the failed invasion of Konoha, she meets Naruto and the two hit it off? Naruto/Fem. Kankuro

A Secret Love: (Naruto) At the start of this story, Rin would be about 16-17 and Minato would be about 28 years old. What if Rin broke down after Obito died? When her sensei, Minato Namikaze, comes and comforts her, she slowly begins to fall in love with him. After about a year, she confesses her feelings to him and he returns them. Because she is his student and because of their age difference, they decide to keep their love a secret. Soon, however, Rin becomes pregnant, and despite the questions and glares from her friends and family, she refuses to tell them who the father is. On the night the Kyuubi attacks, the stress of the attack forces Rin to give birth early. After the Yondaime, her lover, dies sealing the Kyuubi into their son, she takes her son and leaves Konoha. Partly because she doesn't want to face Konoha without her lover, but also because she knows what a jinchuriki is and knows what kind of life she and her beloved son will have if they stay in Konoha. When people realize that she's gone they are worried and saddened but since they believe that she was killed by the Kyuubi, no one looks for her and she is reported dead. No one in Konoha sees her for 13 years. Unfortunately, her blissful life with her son comes to a screeching halt when they run into her old teammate, Kakashi, in the middle of Wave Country with his gennin team. Naruto/Sasame

Someone By My Side: (The Dresden Files) How would the Dresden Files have unfolded if Harry had Elaine by his side? What if instead of fleeing when Harry Dresden killed his mentor, Justin Dumorne, Elaine stayed there with Harry. When the Wardens arrive, they find an enthralled Elaine and Harry Dresden in a state of semi-consciousness. When they bring them infront of the White Council, Ebenezer Mcoy, after long discussions and arguments, takes the two of them on as his apprentices. Elaine's presence allows Harry to remain calmer then he would normally have been, and also allows him to have increased power thanks to her help and advice. (He won't be super powered, he'll just have the level of skill that he has when Summer Knight takes place around the time when Storm Front would take place.) Harry/Elaine (This story has been adopted by Enjorous)

The Youkai Shinigami: (Naruto/Bleach Crossover) When Naruto Uzumaki was 5 years old, he was brutally killed by a crazed mob. Unfortunately Kami made a mistake and accidentally sent Naruto's soul to the Soul Society. When Naruto materializes in the Rukongai, he is still terrified, practically traumatized, and when someone eventually comes up to him, Naruto subcounsiously unleashes a massive amount of reiatsu which not only destroys the hapless spirit but is also felt by nearly every being in the Soul Society. At first, seatless shinigami and a few of the lower seated officers are sent to investigate but when they are destroyed by the small, traumatized, crying, little boy that is Naruto Uzumaki, 2 Captains, Unohana Retsu and Zaraki Kenpachi, are sent to investigate. When they arrive, however, even Kenpachi has trouble withstanding Naruto's massive reiatsu. It is only when Unohana, in her calm and motherly manner, approaches Naruto and calms him down does Naruto stop subcounsiously releasing his massive reiatsu. Almost immediately, Naruto falls fast asleep, and Unohana and Kenpachi take him back to the Seireitei. When Naruto wakes up, he immediately becomes very scared and begins to subcounsiously unleashe his reiatsu again, and he keeps releasing it until Unohana returns and calms him down. Since Unohana is the only one who can calm Naruto down and because of Naruto insanely large amount of reiatsu, Yamamoto has her officially adopt and raise Naruto. Oh and his Zampakutou would be the Kyuubi. Naruto/Hiyori or Naruto/Yachiru

The Karate Kid In Tokyo: (The Karate Kid) After Daniel's fight with Chozen at the castle of King Shohashi, Kumiko is offered a job at a big dance company in Tokyo. Instead of just going back to the San Fernando Valley with Mr. Miyagi, Daniel decides to join her in Tokyo. After Daniel decides this, Mr. Miyagi also decides to stay in Okinawa with Yukie and take over his father's farm and help the village. When the two arrive in Tokyo, they find it difficult to adjust to the big city atmosphere and challanges that come with it. As Kumiko works diligently at her job, Daniel is stuck studying in order to pass Tokyo University's entrance exams. After he passes the exams, however, he realizes that he doesn't have enough money to pay for tuition. That's when Kumiko suggests entering a local karate tournament in order to win the prize money so that he can pay for his tuition. Daniel/Kumiko

The Fox And The Tanuki's Sister: (Naruto) What if during his training trip, Naruto and Jiraiya visited Suna numerous times? And what if they stayed away from Konoha a little bit longer then they did in canon, and were in Suna when Deidara and Sasori tried to kidnap Gaara? So instead of just dealing with 1 jinchuuriki like they expected,they are forced to deal with Nartuo, Gaara, and Jiraiya. After Deidara and Sasori are defeated, Gaara realizes that he probably would've been unable to defeat them on his own and tries to think of a way to thank Naruto. And after much thought he decides to arrange marriage between Temari and Naruto, without them having any say in the matter. Naruto/Temari

Earth Queen Toph: (Avatar: The Last Airbender) When Aang defeated the Firelord, he and the gang set off to help restore the balance in the wartorn world. Along the way they meet up with the Earth King and Toph leaves with him to help him restore the Earth Kingdom to prosperity. After a few years, they begin to fall in love and decide to be married. But when Toph's estranged parents are invited to the wedding, how will she cope? Will they reconsile? Or will she break down? Toph/Earth King

Zuko's Private Circus: (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Zuko thought he had everything going for him when Aang defeated his father; he was Fire Lord, the world was at peace, he had been reunited with his mother, and he had gotten back together with Mai. But all that ended after 2 years when Mai broke up with him. Heart broken, he plunges head first into leading the Fire Nation. But after another 2 years, he's feeling weary and his mother decides that he needs a break. So she forces him out of the palace and tells him not to come back until he's well rested. Zuko then uses this time to visit his friends. After awhile, his travels lead him to Kyoshi Island in order to see Sokka and Suki, but while he's there he runs into Ty Lee. Both lonely, they hit it off. Zuko/Ty Lee

Is This Love?: (History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi) For some reason, whenever Kenichi's around Shigure feels happier and calmer; and whenever Kenichi is around Miu, Shigure feels mad and jealous. Shigure doesn't know what to make of this. Is this Love? Kenichi/Shigure

Keitaro Never a Ronin: (Love Hina) What if by some miracle, Keitaro manages to get into Tokyo University on his first try? But since Naru and Mutsumi aren't there to be his 'promise gir' and since that was his whole reason for wanting to get into Todai, he just slowly drifts through his classes in a daze...Not knowing what it is that he truely wants...Now with the sort of luck that only Keitaro posseses...One day he gets run over by a van driven by Seta...and Seta, in his usual manner, helps Keitaro out and Keitaro, like in the manga, decides to try and be like Seta...So Keitaro plunges head first into archeology and becomes Seta's apprentice...

The Weasley Fraturnal Twins: (Harry Potter) What if Fred and George were fraturnal twins and just for kicks lets make one of them female. First just imagine Fem. Fred playing a quiditch game during her time of the month and then if someone, maybe Malfoy, were so fly by saying rude, insulting, and/or duragatory...Can't you just see Fem. Fred flying over and using her bat just knocking malfoy out of the sky? Also it could make there pranks take on a whole new dimension... For example, if someone were to make a unwanted advances on Fem. Fred...That person might find themselves dangling upside down from the ceiling in the Great Hall in there underwere. Or worse if it persisted. It would also give Ginny another rolemodel in the family besides her mother...And this might lead Ginny down the Twin's prankster path..And lastly...what if Fem. Fred were to be paired with Harry? Fem. Fred/Harry

Pettigrew Innocent?: (Harry Potter) What if Sirius Black really was the one to betray the Potters like everyone thought? And when Peter confronted him, one of the last things Black did was lock Peter in his animagus form... Now trapped as a rat, Peter goes off in search of wizards and eventually finds the Weasleys... Unfortunatly no matter what he does he's unable to get them to to realize that he's a wizard and not a rat.. I imagine semi wacky hijinxes and situations where Peter is trying to get the Weasley's to notice his wizardness ness but failing miserably every time... I can imagine Peter banging his little rat head in frustration.

Keitaro in Kyoto: (Love Hina) What if Keitaro and Tsuruko were married from the begining? During his 3rd year of high school, Keitaro's class goes on a trip to Kyoto. While there Keitaro, in his usual klutzyness, accidentally trips and falls, in a perverted manner, on who other then Ksuruko Aoyama. Now Tsuruko isn't one to take stuff like this lying down so she immediatly knocks him into the sky. In a twist of fate...the two keep accidentally running into each other...and eventually, after many attempts at killing Keitaro, Tsuruko actually talks to him...and the two sorta hit it off...When Keitaro goes back to (Where is he from again?) he and Tsuruko become penpals of sorts...and through Tsuruko's encouragement, Keitaro actually manages to do sorta good in school...When it comes time to try to get into college Keitaro (at Tsuruko's suggestion) try's to get into Kyoto University and actually gets in...Now with Keitaro in Kyoto, he and Tsuruko end up spending a lot of time together until one day...Tsuruko goes up to Keitaro and says 'Marry me' and of course Keitaro being Keitaro accepts. Now later on at the wedding Keitaro talks to grandma Hina and learns that the Hinata Inn is now a girls dormatory...and about a month after suggests to Tsuruko that Motoko go there because of her obvious discomfort with Keitaro and her occasionally accidental attempts to maim him. Now the story could pick up again a few years after that when grandma Hina decides to take her trip around the world and contacts Keitaro to tell him to the Manager while she's away... Just imagine Motoko's reaction to Keitaro and Tsuruko both moving to Hinata House. Keitaro/Tsuruko

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