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Nothing much, just enjoy reading. I started reading webnovel /lightnovel on novelupdate and webnovel since around 2017/2018. I've been manga fan since before those years, and bit of movie here and there. Now, or since 2020, I found this community and been following it.

A bit self intro not gonna hurt, so here:

- Male

- Mid twenties

- SEA (Southeast Asia)

- Non main English speaker

Stories and Crossover I mostly read:

- Harry Potter #never finished watching the movies or read any of the books, but too many fanfic made me familiar with the plot

- Naruto #never truly finished reading the manga or watch till finish, especially boruto's timeline

- Avenger (MCU)/Marvel Comics #just followed MCU timeline and plot

- Justice League/DC Comics (Animated Series) #though I never did watch/read said franchise

- Percy Jackson and Olympian #still tidbits from fanfics

- Bleach #same, never finished the franchise (manga/anime)

- RWBY #tidbits from fanfics

- Fairy Tail #never finish reading manga or watched the series

- Highschool DxD #tidbits from fanfics

- Game of Thrones/ASOIAF #watched till around season 6/7

- Starwars #tidbits from fanfics

- One Piece #last read and watched around volume 800-900

- Elder Scrolls Series/Skyrim #tidbits from fanfics

- Witcher #just season 1 of tv show

- Demon slayer #read and watched some episodes/youtube

- MHA #I think, I kinda read/watched early volumes/episodes

- Overlord #read early volumes of lightnovel and some manga

- Avatar the Last Airbender #kinda watched it when they are shown on tv program (my childhood)

- Dragon Ball Z #same as above

- Pokemon #same as above and played Go a bit

I don't know if that's all, never truly tracked the list myself, just read new fandom that's easy to follow, though I never access the canon counterpart i.e HaloxGoT, WitcherxGoT, etc. Also I don't read slash.

06/08/2021 I mainly use mobile app for access, so PMs from web just went to my mail, it won't show up on my app. Apologize for those whom sent PM to me as I usually don't check my mailbox, and honestly I can't track my review (where and when I did write one), so yeah, when I read the mails, I mostly forgot what I wrote to reply any back. I just figured it out all this honestly.

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