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426His twin sister » by Lorelei Candice Black Harry had a twin sister, Rose, who was kidnapped at birth by a nurse who faked her death to raise her. Rose and Harry have a connection. During Harry's 4rth year, Dumbledore discovers the truth. Sirius, Remus, Weasley family, Draco Malfoy, Luna, Dudley, Voldemort, Snape... Surprises, couples, friendships, maybe even babies... Read to find out more, will be long
Harry Potter, T, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 83, words: 200k+, favs: 350, follows: 372, updated: 7h published: 1/18/2021, Harry P., Sirius B., Remus L., Ginny W.
181Time Heals All Wounds » by thewhitekitten What's worse than being surrounded by fictional strangers who swear they know you? Being forced to stop a war by filling the shoes of a beloved island deity, for starters. Life as an anxious introvert may be difficult, but love is even more so, especially if you're being romantically pursued by the enigma that is Benjamin Linus. AU
Lost, T, English, Romance & Horror, chapters: 23, words: 174k+, favs: 108, follows: 112, updated: 3/21 published: 7/15/2014, [Ben, OC] Sawyer, Richard
332Meant To Be » by tvdspnlover Kali had to suffer through her life with everyone knowing who she was and what her brother had done, but after travelling on the ill fated Oceanic 815, she's just another stranger stranded on a deserted island. She should be focusing on getting off the island, but the mysterious Sawyer keeps grabbing her attention. Is this her second chance or the end? Sawyer/OC
Lost, T, English, Romance & Mystery, chapters: 73, words: 299k+, favs: 147, follows: 154, updated: 11/26/2023 published: 8/12/2018, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, OC
1The Tale of a Vampiress » by Arra Lindemann A woman and her friend go to the Cirque Du Freak, the rest is Destiny ;)
Darren Shan Saga/Cirque Du Freak, M, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 49, words: 608k+, favs: 11, follows: 8, updated: 10/9/2023 published: 6/3/2016, Mr. Crepsley, Gavner Purl, Evra Von, Madam Octa
30In Egypt » by painted heart Oconnels sister Dalila is not just brave and witty like her brother. She is the reincarnation of Imhotep's sister Esher. Will Imhotep recognise her when Evie brings him to life? What will happen with a certain majai?
Mummy, M, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 10, words: 12k+, favs: 212, follows: 231, updated: 8/1/2023 published: 10/18/2015, Ardeth B., Imhotep, OĆ­Connell, R., OC
This love is silent » by AbiNotNormal Doctor Otto Octavius. A man whose colourful past cannot be forgotten, but unbeknownst to him, has been changed. He now works at Oscorp and of course, every good scientist needs an assistant. This is where Ada Daly steps in. TW: future scenes of assault, attempted rape, death, guilt, and inevitable porn featuring Doc Ock.
Spider-Man, M, English, Friendship & Romance, chapters: 20, words: 47k+, favs: 10, follows: 6, updated: 7/25/2023 published: 4/22/2022, [Doc Ock/Dr. Octopus, OC]
113Don't Fear The Reaper » by Kepouros Adrienne Starr is forced into apprenticeship to Larten Crepsley. But the mix of their blood creates discord within her body. Instead of vampire powers, she gets an affinity for bats, a powerful second hunger, and the struggle of keeping her growing feelings hidden. Which is stronger: love, hunger, or fate? As war and destiny loom, will all three doom her or save her? CrepsleyXOFC
Darren Shan Saga/Cirque Du Freak, T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 22, words: 82k+, favs: 111, follows: 151, updated: 7/24/2023 published: 5/7/2013, Mr. Crepsley
5A Second Chance » by msbaileyquarters What happens upon Doc Ock returning to his own universe and who he visits. Raimiverse/NWH. More of a 'gap-filler' fic than fix-it fic, since the unanswered implications of the plot of NWH on the 'saved' villains sort of bothered me. Also features Doc Ock x ofc because I can't help myself.
Spider-Man, K+, English, Romance, chapters: 4, words: 11k+, favs: 14, follows: 16, updated: 4/9/2023 published: 1/23/2022, Norman O./Green Goblin, Doc Ock/Dr. Octopus, OC
Drawn into the web » by AbiNotNormal "Will you walk into my parlour?" said the Spider to the Fly. Doctor Otto Octavius was just supposed to be doing a friend a favour. And then, he laid eyes on her. Claudia Coleson. And how was he to know she was Spidergirl? They were both about to enter a game both were keen on winning. This series is part of a collaboration I've been doing with my dear friend noirchotic.
Spider-Man, M, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 7, words: 12k+, favs: 5, follows: 5, updated: 4/4/2023 published: 5/11/2022, [Doc Ock/Dr. Octopus, OC]
51The Mummy: Love beyond Death » by WolveHulk Anck-Su-Namun's twin-sister, Zahra, who's nothing like her other twin, loves Imhotep. But when Imhotep is cursed by Hom-Dai, Zahra wants to be buried along with him to keep him buried to protect the world. But 3000 years later, when Evy accidentally resurrects Imhotep from the dead, Zahra is resurrected as well. Joining forces with Evy, Rick and Jonathan, they must save the world.
Mummy, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 6, words: 43k+, favs: 144, follows: 123, updated: 1/28/2023 published: 2/22/2022, [Imhotep, OC] [OĆ­Connell, R., Evelyn C.]
16 The Pacifier » by HerondaleSalvatoreGirl22 Alexia "Lexi" Plummer is the eldest child. A girl with anger issues going to Anger Management Classes. She along her siblings Zoe, Seth, Lulu, Peter and baby Tyler must deal with a Lieutenant as a babysitter. Are the Plummer kids so much to handle to this Navy Lieutenant? Will he adapt to the kids' ways of living and make them accept him as a part of their lives?
Pacifier, T, English, Family & Humor, chapters: 20, words: 23k+, favs: 75, follows: 70, updated: 1/20/2023 published: 10/23/2016
78Magnificent Century: A Cure for the Poison in the Harem » by Nessa Hathor The Sultanate of Women began with the arrival of one russelana slave to the Topkapi Palace, turning the Ottoman Dynasty upside down in her wake. But what if one noble tribute arrived, one day, and took her place? What if the enchantment she had cast over Sultan Suleyman was broken by this slave, as a last resort to turn him back to the right path?
Misc. Tv Shows, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 19, words: 63k+, favs: 112, follows: 104, updated: 1/9/2023 published: 9/2/2017
73 Home Alone: Holiday Heists » by snheetah [My rendition of Home Alone 1 and 2, following the same storyline but with added characters to the plot]: Kevin and Becky, his older sister, have been accidentally left home alone. Now with the house under their care, it is not just fun and games for them when the 'Wet Bandits' decide to rob their home. As time passes, history repeats itself in New York.
Home Alone, T, English, Family & Crime, chapters: 69, words: 159k+, favs: 77, follows: 56, updated: 12/24/2022 published: 10/5/2017, Kevin M., Harry, Marv, OC
33 Two Against Two (AU Fic) (Revised) (Sequel Posted) » by CrimsonCommander688 Summary: Kevin's estranged sister, Christine, is made aware of her brother being left home alone by one of the neighbors. Now, Christine must return home and take care of her brother, until her parents return. How will Kevin react, when he meets the elder sister he's never had? Will Christine let the past go and make peace with her parents, if they survive the Wet Bandits?
Home Alone, T, English, Family & Adventure, chapters: 28, words: 81k+, favs: 66, follows: 37, updated: 11/29/2022 published: 11/26/2020, Kevin M., Kate M., Harry, OC
46 Narcissa Barbossa: Dead Men Tell No Tales » by MissyQueenofEvil7 Nearly Twenty Years have passed since King Narcissa Davis led the Brethren Court to victory against the East India Trading company and became Captain of the Flying Dutchman. Now a new danger to the lives of pirates arises she must take a stand one last time by the side of her father and Captain Jack Sparrow to save the world she lives in and those she loves. PotC belongs to Disney
Pirates of the Caribbean, K, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 17, words: 28k+, favs: 25, follows: 15, updated: 11/6/2022 published: 6/25/2022, Capt. Jack Sparrow, Hector B., Carina S., Captain Salazar
7 And Straight on Till Morning » by halwaffles [COMPLETE] "You are safe now, Wendy," an unfamiliar boy had said in the middle of their flight. In that moment, Margaret had three thoughts. One, she wasn't her grandmother. Two, who in the world was this strange boy? Three, how in the world were they flying?(!)
Peter Pan, T, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 33, words: 77k+, favs: 14, follows: 9, updated: 5/10/2022 published: 7/13/2017
10 The Sorcerer's Protector » by Bluebox345 When Arya Miller and Dave Stutler go on a field trip and stumble upon Balthazar at Arcana Cabana, they become laughingstocks of their class. 10 years later Dave takes up his calling as the Prime Merlinean and Arya is recruited to be his Protector. After all, who's Merlin without King Arthur? Balthazar/OC.
Sorcerer's Apprentice, 2010, T, English, Fantasy & Romance, chapters: 11, words: 41k+, favs: 34, follows: 34, updated: 5/7/2022 published: 2/6/2021, [Balthazar B., OC] [Dave S., Becky]
37We Will Be, Seven Seas » by Lady Jane Boleyn-Grey Alice Grey is a simple lady of Port Royal. Best friend of Elizabeth Swann, her heart yearns for that of James Norrington, newly made Commodore. When he is promised to another there is no time for a broken heart, as pirates invade their homes and Elizabeth is taken. Alice sees only one option... to go save her friend... An adventure that leads her to piracy.
Pirates of the Caribbean, T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 8, words: 15k+, favs: 103, follows: 147, updated: 3/13/2022 published: 9/13/2015, [OC, James N.] [Will T., Elizabeth S.]
47 Narcissa Barbossa: Curse of the Black Pearl » by MissyQueenofEvil7 Narcissa is the daughter of the fearsome pirate, Captain Hector Barbossa. However, Narcissa hasn't seen him since she was 8 years old after the death of her mother. She now lives in Port Royal as the companion and sister to Elizabeth Swann and best friend of William Turner. But little does Narcissa know she will soon be reunited with her father. Disclaimer: PotC belongs to Disney
Pirates of the Caribbean, K, English, Adventure & Family, chapters: 13, words: 19k+, favs: 37, follows: 20, updated: 1/30/2022 published: 11/7/2021
12Atlantis: Sisterly Love » by MagicMovieNerd A young historian, Milo Thatch, and his older sister, Julia, have always been interested in the Lost City of Atlantis. One day, after meeting a mysterious stranger, the siblings are introduced to the Shepherd's Journal, as well as an expedition to find the Lost City. Before long, Milo, Julia, and their new friends arrive in the sunken city of wonder, where they meet two princesses.
Atlantis: The Lost Empire, K+, English, Adventure & Sci-Fi, chapters: 4, words: 6k+, favs: 34, follows: 30, updated: 1/1/2022 published: 3/15/2021, Milo J. T.
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