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Ohayoussu minna!

Currently, I have read many fanfics, and finally I decided it was about due time to write my own!

Sadly I have just one story up right now... and it's still in its early stages of story-hood. As crappy as it is -scowls- at the present, please give some time and effort to read... I know it's not great, and it's not my best, BUT. I certainly am trying, minna! but it just so happens, we decided that the 'best' time to think of a story and put it up is just after school starts... joy.

So, if you read a story of ours, then please be patient, we try as hard as we can to put your stories up, while doing work... hn... oh! and for those of you who despise OC's... know that I do too... aside from the little children. I love little OC children.

... I honestly don't know why everyone has such long profiles... there's nothing to say...

jaa! hope to see you in a review! -wink-

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