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Hi everyone! Allow me to introduce myself!

- I am Rumble Ice!

Name: Jayson, but you could call me Jay.

Age: I'm a teenager, almost adult (geez, I'm getting old)

So, I'm a teenager from Brooklyn, NY. I am a big fan of Legends of Chima, Paw Patrol, Ninjago, and Zootopia (but mostly Legends of Chima and Paw Patrol). My favorite character in Chima is Bladvic because he is so adorable. I am a historian since I love history, I'm also a linguist and a reader.

Things I am interested in: Lego, Language, Law, School, Writing, and Music

About my love for languages, I speak fluent Mandarin and English since they're my first and second languages. I could also speak French, Spanish, and a little German. Je parle francais, yo hablo espanol, ich spreche deutsch. I'm planning to learn more languages. Since I also like to read, my favorite books are Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Maniac Magee, Animal Farm, Inside Out and Back Again, Stargirl. I also enjoy Shakespearean plays and historical books.

Favorite Shows:

- Legends of Chima

- Paw Patrol

- Ninjago

- Nexo Knights

- Zootopia

Top 5 favorite Chima characters:

1. Bladvic

2. Laval

3. Gorzan

4. Eris

5. Fluminox

Top 5 Ninjago Characters

1. Zane

2. Lloyd

3. Skylor

4. Kai

5. Sensei Wu

Favorite Lego Ships:

Laval x Eris

Worriz x Windra

Lavertus x Rinona

Razar x Flinx

Li'Ella x Sir Fangar

Lagravis x Longtooth

Lagravis x Leonidas

Longtooth x Leonidas

Chase x Skye

Ryder x Katie

Rocky x Zuma

Kai x Skylor

Top 5 Favorite Zootopia characters:

1. Judy Hopps

2. Nick Wilde

3. Benjamin Clawhawser

4. Chief Bogo

5. Gazelle

I've been a fan of History since I was a little boy. I enjoy studying historical events such as the World Wars, Revolutionary Wars and Rebellions, Conquests, Age of Discovery, Colonial Age, and etc..

My top 3 favorite POTUS that I look up to are:

1. Abraham Lincoln

2.Theodore Roosevelt

3. George Washington.

I also look up to major historical figures such as

1. Mahatma Gandhi

2. Napoleon Bonaparte

3.Alexander the Great

4. Confucius

5. Siddhartha Guatama

6. Winston Churchill

7. Pope John Paul II

8. Queen Victoria

Things I like

Pop Music

Bladvic sleeping

Gorzan saying "Dude"

Laval and Eris

Studying languages

Reading and writing Chima fanfics

Watching Legends of Chima



Things I don't like:


Being criticized or judged


Failing a test

Betrayed by friends

Favorite characters being killed off the show

Favorite Quotes:

"Respect yourself and others will respect you"


"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind"

"You can kill the dreamer but you can't kill the dream"

"With our thought we make the world"

"There are no accidents"

Favorite Games:

Well I do play Roblox, Temple Run 1 , Epic War 1-5, Epic War Saga, Plants Vs Zombies 1 , Minecraft, Samurai vs Zombies 1

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