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My favorite fanfics are ones that involve time travel, time loop, crossovers, SI/OCs, what ifs, and anything that uses meta knowledge. Feel feel to recommend me any story; even for fandoms or genre I might not like or know about.

Fandoms I'm into:

Star Wars
Star Wars: Rebels (Liked the idea of a small rebel cell becoming bigger/more important. Ghost crew - especially Hera herself - Looking for Ezra & Thrawn fics. Any pairing is fine)
Star Trek
Stargate Atlantis
Avatar the last airbender & Legend of Korra
Hellraiser (For Kristy/Pinhead. Not necessary into torture but I do enjoy unbalanced pairings with mind-game ship.)
The Evil Within (Sebastian/Ruvik or Stefano.)
Harry Potter (Harry/Anybody - Yes, even Voldemort. Too many pairings to list. Might have been my first fandom)
Supreme Commander/Planetary Annihilation/Total Annihilation (Never played it but love the building aspects. This fandom usually involves fix it fics, crossovers, Out of context powers, one side being more powerful than others. Sadly, most of them read like a dry shopping list with little thoughts on various people/faction/species meeting a commander.)
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 1 (Blindly stumbled upon it and fell in love with the tone/atmosphere of the story. One of the few vampire games that felt 'real'. Also introduced me to urban fantasy genre)
Detroit Become Human (Platonic or romantic, I love seeing anything with Connor in it)

Stories I like:

Skywalker: Resurgent by Lennex MacDuff (Luke SI. Mostly legends with some canon contents. Not an asshole or harem protag, little canon rehash, well written, imo)

The Havoc side of the Force and its companion The Unsuspecting side of the Force by Tsu Doh Nim (Harry Potter/Star Wars - Very OOC at times; Harry is a smuggler and a womanizer. Ignoring that, it's one of few crossovers where Harry isn't a Jedi, Sith or in a relationship with one. None of that 'magic is Force by other name' bullshit and Harry uses it freely. Last update: Aug 24, 2019)

A Farmer's Tale by alltheuntold (Asoiaf/GOT - A farmer from our world enters Westeros with no knowledge of it and over the decades starts to improve the North. Loved the earlier chapters where it was about a humble farmer and his family)
A Left Turn at Albuquerque (Robotech/Star Wars - A robotech ship enters SW galaxy by accident, and thoroughly destroys an ISD due to technology differences, and gets the attention of the Galactic Empire, Thrawn, and Rebels. Has elements of curb stomp which I enjoy. Tends to update slowly.)

These two above can be found on Spacebattles forums

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