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Greetings fellow writters (or readers)!

As you've probably guessed from my name, I adore anime and manga. For those of you who don't know what those are (you know, if you've been locked in your closet, living off your Aunt Ester's sweaters) I shall elaborate. Manga is, quite simply, Japanese comic books. But if you have pictures of some Japanese-Superman flying around in your head, get that idea out of there this instant. Manga is much more complex than most American comic books ( notice I said "most" not "all", because if I had said "all" I'd have middle age guys dressed up like Wolverine setting fire to my house). There is manga written and drawn to appeal specifically to girls, manga for guys, and manga for everyone else. Thus properly educated, here is a list of manga/anime which I am obsessed with:

Soul Eater, Death Note, Hellsing, Fullmetal Alchemist, D.N.Angel, Card Captor Sakura, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, The Wallflower, Story of Saiunkoku, Inu Yasha, Kingdom Hearts, and any and all Studio Ghibili (I probably spelled that wrong) masterpieces.

That being said, manga is not my only love. I recently saw Edward Scissorhands for the first time since I was ten, and began to write my Edward Scissorhands Fanfic, Of Scissors and Snow, that night. I love any kind of artwork, including writting, sculpting, painting, and drawing. I am working on releasing two novels and several mangas, but since I am a perfectionist, I might end up submitting them for publication in, oh, say, 70 years. I also am a Christian, and proud of it! YAY JESUS!

Any and all comments are welcomed, excluding noob ones ("You suck", "I hate you", "Your father smells of elderberries", you know). These don't benefit anyone, and you make yourself sound less than intelligent. If you think a sentence sounds awkward or something doesn't flow, don't hesitate to submit a suggestion. I will treasure it for ever and ever!

Thank you for reading my humble works!

The Manga Version of my fanfic "Fever" is now availible on DeviantArt! Visit: http:///gallery/28501692

To see what Shortcake-chan from my Death Note fanfic "Shortcake" looks like, visit: http:///art/Shortcake-197601842

To see FallenOtaku (a.k.a MissingMyMind)'s amazing "Shortcake" fanart, visit:http:///favourites/#/d39qf6l

To see Sobubbles1 amazingly adorable "Shortcake" fanart, visit: http:///#/d3b79hh

To see what Shortcake-chan's makeover looks like, visit: http:///gallery/28501736#/d3lfa4f

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