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I'm Jimmy.

I roleplay... alot... to much people might say.

I'm very hyper active most of the time, and absolutely despise people who infest a good roleplay and bring it down to a level I like to call noob. Nobody likes to use that word, but I feel that I use it a little more frequently than others. A noob is someone who refuses to take the time to learn and try to be a better roleplayer. A newb, is someone who is legitimately new to the experience and takes advice kindly without getting upset.

That being said, I'm also a music lover.

My Music is my life, I play piano and most other instruments but none as passionately as the piano.

I'm into weird music. Coheed and Cambria, Mars Volta, Fair to Midland are my top three favorite bands.

That's all you really need to know about me, hit me up for a roleplay or a music discussion, I'm always down for either.

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