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Professionally, I'm a Music Teacher (I recently accepted my dream job, K-12 Vocal Music and Drama!). Unprofessionally, I've been a "writer" since elementary school. Despite this, I can't spell worth peanuts ;). I also have an unnatural (...and slightly unhealthy) obsession with Ewan McGregor.

I love singing and acting. I have an abnormal attraction to cute and fluffy animals. My favorite characters tend to be the second in command (First Officers, Very Special Senior Field Agents, Oldest Sons who leave to travel the world...) and bonus points if they speak with an English accent or have an unhealthy tendency toward sarcasm. I can't walk and chew gum at the same time unless you put it to music, and I also love using big words to make me sound smart even though I have to Google them to make sure I spelled them correctly. And I have a really bad habit of Capitalizing lots of words (Even When I Know They Shouldn't Be...) In Grad School a classmate turned to me after a presentation and said "You're a classical singer, aren't you? I can tell." Half of me wanted to laugh while the rest of me was super confused (I'm sure that didn't help my case at all...).

I'm BEYOND tickled that a few of my Hogan's Heroes stories have been nominated for this year's Papa Bear Awards. Fiction was something I started writing as a child because a single weekly episode wasn't nearly enough time to spend with my favorite Television Characters and became a way to deal with the pressures and drama of high school. I couldn't believe it when I found out other people did it too and have since devoured every bit of Fan Fiction from various fandoms as I possibly could. To have other authors (many of them I avidly read and respect) say they enjoy my silly stories is a huge honor.

Suggestions and constructive comments are always welcome. :) Don't be afraid to drop a line! I may be super busy, but I love to hear from other authors.

Thanks for stopping by and, as always, enjoy!

"One half the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other." -Jane Austen

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