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Welcome to my fan fiction, where you get to see a slice of my overactive brain at work! I graduated college as a Creative Writing major. An appropriate study as a girl who breathes and drinks words.

I simply love writing and have been scribbling stories in composition notebooks since I was tiny. 20 something I'm still scribbling down words, except now I'm using Word and sharing the results with you. ;]

I write original stories, but fan fiction! It's just so fun to write. I'm totally accessible, so don't be afraid to chat with me! I appreciate all reviews and messages, as they sprout little buds of happiness across my world!

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Hi, everyone. I know it's been sooo long! A lot has changed since I started most of my stories, but it is my ultimate goal to finish them. For example, I no longer watch TWD! As for Inuyasha, I need to re-watch it pronto but life has been busy since my college days when I started most of these stories. Who knew getting a life could make you so busy.


She is Mine - I have been overwhelmed with duties and unfortunately could not update guarantee the next chapter for 2020. As a gift to the new year, expect a new chapter in 2021.

Serpents, I will try to update as well.

Both of these stories have their latest chapters partially written, and have for a while. I just need to pick them back up and bring everything full circle. Personally I'm not even mad at the messages straight up cussing me out. I know i've been trash at finishing these stories. I hope to make it up to you all!!!


Serpents - The Walking Dead

Rick x Michonne x Daryl pairing.

Rating: M for language, blood and violence, sexual innuendos, sexual tension, and, well, sex.

The two of them only needed to stand close and all the air compressed and got heavy around them. Thick, tense...even sensual. And from the looks the others gave them, it didn't go unnoticed...

She is Mine - Inuyasha

Pairing: Kagome x Kouga

Theme: Romance, Drama. Includes some mature content. (Limes)

Summary: Kagome has no reason to stay.

Naraku is dead, the jewel gone, and apparently Inuyasha would rather follow Kikyo to hell than stay at Kagome's side. As Kagome waits for her friends to finish post-Naraku clean up, she'll stays in Kouga's wolf den to pass the time. And when the friends return, Kagome will leave and never look back. What holds her to the past now?

Well, the Wolf Prince knows...


Fan Fiction Tumblr Follow for updates on my stories and the progress there (No spoilers I swear, though sometimes snippets and sneak peaks shared!)

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