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So, I'm lame. I tend to delete everything I post here...and I won't be posting soon, probably, because advanced classes=homework.

I like...Death Note, anti-villains (and not in the whiny-angsty-crappy-childhood way, but the morally-complex-noble-cause-Light-Yagami type), Code Geass, many other animes/mangas, Dickens, Twain, Pullman, many other classics, philosophy, thinking, daydreaming, having intelligent conversations, my family, and my friends...

I dislike...spelling. Terrible at it. Also busy work with no point, and people who refuse to listen to other's opinions.

Hobbies...playing the flute, running, and writing:D.

Personality: I can be stuck-up, and don't like false modesty. I'm smart, and do have many talents. However, I'm bad at many things, and will readily admit it. Around people I know I can be bubbly and gregarious, but generally I'm reserved and bookish. If you're into all that Type stuff, I'm an INFJ and 1w2 so/sx...

I try my best to review, and feel free to PM if you want to talk to me.

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