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Hey guys, welcome to the profile of SuperKamiGuru97.

So I first found this site roughly 2 years ago and ever since then I've been hooked reading stories that people have written and figured it was about time I got my own account. Reading and writing has always been something I like to do to relax after along day at work. Unfortunately I can't see myself uploading a story any time soon due to work being so busy and a lack of ideas. Hopefully when everything calms down-especially regarding covid 19-I will have more time on my hands and might be able to get somewhere.

Favourite Movies, Books and TV Shows(including anime)


Star Wars

Harry Potter

Percy Jackson

The Inheritance Cycle

Game of Thrones

Breaking Bad


Dragon Ball Z


There's also a whole lot more but it would take ages for me to write all of them so I'll stick with these few.

So basically to sum it up, yes I will be releasing a story or two but it won't be for a while and will take me a while to update.


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